Rock to the park 2019: programming and guest artists


Pedro Aznar, Café Tacvba, Draco Rosa, The Invisible Friends, Control Machete, Aterciopelados, Mario Duarte (from La Derecha), Altered States and Kraken, are the artists who will be part of the symphonic homage to the Rock to the park.

This legendary payroll meets not only to celebrate the closing show of this edition of the festival, but to remember 25 years of history; Each of the artists and songs chosen is part of the festival's history.

The 9 songs chosen for the concert are:

Do you understand Mendes? – Machete Duck Machete Control

Move – Elvis and Ricky from Altered States

The dagger and the heart – Rubén Albarrán of Café Tacvba

Maligno – Andrea Echeverry and Héctor Buitrago de Aterciopelados

Your Love – Pedro Aznar

Crystal dress – Roxanna Restrepo and Andrés Leyva de Kraken –

Penelope – Draco Rosa

Lies – Julio, Catire and Mamel from Los Amigos Invisibles

Oh what a pain – Mario Duarte de la Derecha

In addition, the Festival also published the official program:


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