Rionegro adheres to the classification among the 8


The objectives of the Rafal Oliveira (5 & # 39;) and Mauricio Cortés (54 ") put more pressure and nervousness on the players of Rionegro, who had to paddle against the current to equalize the actions and thus keep alive the mathematical option of ranking among the eight.

The statistics made predicting a difficult game against the Jaguars, as they favored the locals with four wins over only two visitors. Hence the effort of those Jorge Luis Bernal It was at most.

Finally, the lateral Daniel Muñoz and the front Humberto Osorio they were in charge of scoring at 60 and 81 minutes to equalize 2-2 and score 29 points.

The line assistants, Alexander Guzman and Jorge Álvarez, They finished with low qualification after canceling a legitimate goal from Osorio and endorsing the second goal of Jaguares, despite the misplaced.

This point, besides holding them provisionally among the eight, allows to maintain all the options of qualification, since next time will face, in the stadium Alberto Grisales, Bucaramanga, already insured.

Of the 18 days played so far, Rionegro kept between the eight in 17. Only left on the fifth date, when it was placed in ninth.

The tournament is exciting. The East are, along with Junior, Nacional (plays today) and Santa Fe, in the fight for the remaining three places, since La Equidad, Tolima, Once Caldas, Medellín and Bucaramanga are already confirmed.

The orange box won the win against Chico, 1-0 on Saturday. The aim of the residents was marked by Camilo Mancilla, to add three vital points in view of which will be the descent table in 2019.

And although he could extend the score, the striker Wilfrido de la Rosa returned a penalty in the 73rd minute. Now those Eduardo Lara They will have to face the final duel of the tournament by visiting the DIM.


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