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Samsung decided to turn the table with its mid-range. Finally, it forgot prices dangerously close to those of higher bands, to focus on offering good value for money, based on the technical characteristics that most users require.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a clear example of this new philosophy, offering an alternative that verifies virtually all its features, and which is raised as one of the most interesting alternatives for those looking for a big phone.

Based on the battery, design, triple camera and some details that we will tell you later, this A70 tried to conquer us after going through our analysis table, have you achieved your goal?

Samsung Galaxy A70 Datasheet

Samsung Galaxy A70


6.7 "FHD + (1080 × 2400)
Proportion 20: 9


164.3 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm


Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
(Dual 2.0GHz + Hexa 1.7GHz)


6/8 GB


128 GB UFS 2.1 + microSD up to 512 GB

Frontal camera

32 MP, F2.0

Back camera

32 MP f / 1.7 Main
8 MP f / 2.2 (123 °) long angle
Depth of 5 MP f / 2.2

Operating system

Android 9 Pie with a UI


4,500 mAh with super fast charging of 25 W


Fingerprint sensor on the screen, facial recognition, body "3D Glasstic"


327 euros

Samsung A70 White 6.7

Samsung A70 White 6.7 "6gb / 128gb Dual Sim

Design: What is the color of your phone? Of all

Colors Samsung Galaxy A70 The colors of the Samsung Galaxy A70 vary as light strikes your body

As we usually do in our analyzes, we start with the external section of the device. The Samsung Galaxy A70 is constructed of plastic and aluminum, giving a good feeling in the hand, despite offering a feeling somewhat lower than we found in higher bands. Also say that your back is a magnet for prints, so if we do not have a cover, we will have to clean it regularly if we want to keep it clean.

The first thing that strikes us in the Samsung Galaxy A70 is its color with "rainbow effect". According to light, we see different shades

Delving into your back, we found a gradation of color different from what we used to. The terminal is a kind of blue, which varies as light strikes its back, forming colors similar to those of the rainbow. You may like the proposal or not, but at least you wanted to innovate. The camera module barely projects from the body of the terminal, something we appreciate.

Side Samsung Galaxy A70 Despite the 4.500mAh of its battery, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is not very thick

On the right side, looking at the terminal ahead, we find the ignition and volume buttons. We applaud the ergonomic exercise that Samsung did with the keyboard, since we are perfectly fine with these buttons, despite how big the phone is. Of course, although they have a firm touch, he would have appreciated some kind of roughness or distinction for the power button.

On the left side, we find only the tray for the two nanoSIM cards and the microSD. Looking at the terminal at the top is also completely clean, and at the bottom we find the type C USB port, the speaker and the 3.5 mm headphone portbrand of the house in Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A70

As for its ergonomics, It is surprisingly comfortable, despite being a terminal nearly seven inches. The 20: 9 format is practically perfect with this diagonal screen, not as narrow and uncomfortable as 21: 9 seen in other alternatives. In this way, the terminal is neither too broad nor too narrow and, against all odds, It is easy to operate with one hand.

Despite having almost seven inches, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is very comfortable and easy to operate with one hand

Despite having a huge battery and such a rare size, Samsung achieved a weight of only 183 grams. That, puts you well below what you can weigh an iPhone XS Max or a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, terminals with less inches and battery but weighing more than 200 grams.






















164.3 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm

160.1 x 76.1 x 8.2 mm

147.5 x 70.5 x 7.45 mm

160.1 x 71.2 x 8.7 mm

157.6 x 75.2 x 7.6 mm

157 x 75.3 x 8.3 mm


183 g

167 g

155 g

180 g

169 g

176 g



3.700 mAh



3.340 mAh

3.000 mAh

In short, despite being a huge terminal, is one of the best compaction exercises in the mid-range market, with a front use of 86%, an acceptable thickness and a consistent size to be able to use it comfortably despite its diagonal screen.

Screen: 6.7 inches appreciated under any conditions

Samsung Galaxy A70 Screen The screen of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is excellent and brings us closer to the premium "premium" or premium range.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is large, very large. In particular, we are facing a diagonal of 6.7 inches, with 20: 9 aspect ratio, Full HD + resolution and Super AMOLED technology. The terminal is below 400ppi (393ppi), but we did not have the slightest problem in the level of sharpness. As in their siblings, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +, the color profile of this A70 is well true to reality without saturating the color.

If we want to return to these ultra saturated colors "old Samsung", we can always activate the intense mode from the terminal settings.
As for the brightness level, it is excellentand lets you enjoy the content in full sunlight. The minimum brightness is also more than acceptable, so we can use this panel in low light conditions without overshadowing.

Notch Samsung Galaxy A70 We have notch, but notch much.

Samsung has changed the display settings on its new devices. If we want the panel to be supersaturated, we must activate it from the settings

For the "anti-notch brigade", intermediate news. The Samsung Galaxy A70 does not take full advantage of bevels like OnePlus 7 Pro or ASUS Zenfone 6, but your notch is quite discreet, with a drop form, and we hardly notice when we have a few minutes using the device.

Despite being an AMOLED panel, we had no problems with the viewing angles or the variation of white color. The panel is among the best in its price range.and we found almost no problem on the days when the terminal passed through our hands.

Samsung Samsung A70 front use The front panel use is excellent, reaching 86%.

As for the calibration options of the panel, as we indicated, we only have the standard mode (natural) and the intense mode. On the other hand, we can activate a blue light filter to limit eye fatigue, night mode or dark subject to save battery, and a tactile sensitivity mode to improve it when we are using a screen protector.

The screen of Samsung Galaxy A70 has a good latency of input, although the frontal use is paid with the phantom pulsations

The sensitivity of the panel is more than correct, and we even received an update that promised to improve on the days we used it. The panel responds immediatelyand we found no delays when writing fast, scrolling or any other type of task.

The disadvantage we found was with fake touches or "ghost pulses". It is often the panel does not respond because it understands that we are touching another part of the screen (although we're just grabbing this). This situation occurs, especially, when we are taking photos. If we are not careful with the edges of the device, we can not give the shutter.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Screen

However, in addition to the calibration, options and quality, we would like to try to convey the feeling that this panel has. It is not common to come across 6.7-inch screens and, on paper, it would be logical to think that this is an oversized size.

However, Samsung has created a screen that invites us to use it for hours, which is comfortable to use thanks to the 20: 9 format, and gives us an immersive experience thanks to good frontal performance. He is one of the few middle- with a "wow effect" when the panel is turned on, and this is something that detailing its specifications, we can not find out.

Always on the go

As is the brand of the house, we have the same mode with a Always on the go fully configurable, through which we will access extra information while the terminal screen is locked.

Highlight in the same way that, by default, Always on screen brightness is minimal, and this increases when we press the screen. That way, we will save even more battery power (although we have already anticipated that enabling this mode is not the best option for screen time lovers).

Sound: more than enough, although with possible improvements

Samsung Galaxy A70 We keep a headset at the bottom, good news.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 has to include a 3.5mm headphone, for all those (including me) who still have "phobia" to wireless audio. As for the loudspeaker, the sound is loud, having reached 81 db in our tests. As a good mid-range, distorts peak peaksand is seriously missing.

The audio of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is in the middle. Sounds good, although it distorts something in large volumes. Dolby training only works with headphones

Although we have the empowerment of Dolby Atmos, This is only available with headphones. Do you realize when we activate it? No, the sound is still pretty much the same.

Dolby Settings

What allows us to configure Samsung even if we do not have headphones is the classic multiband equalizer. Through this, we can slightly improve the answer of the serious, at the cost of worsening overall sound quality.

In short, correct audio for the interval at which the terminal is framed, but this might well have highlighted something else as well as some aspects of the terminal (design, battery, screen …)

Performance: Habemus Qualcomm next generation, and this can only be good news


Samsung did not want to bet on its Exynos processors for this generation A70, and We're not going to deny that we're happy about this.. In this case, the South Korean company set up Qualcomm's Snapdragon 675 platform. It's a gaming-oriented processor & # 39; (which translates into low power consumption and high performance) featuring two high performance 2.0GHz cores and six low power 2.7GHz cores.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 is one of the best proposals for mid-range processors

Likewise, it supports fast loading technologies, third-generation artificial intelligence and the Adreno 615 GPU under the arm. If it was not enough, Samsung provided 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of UFS 2.1, we started getting nervous.





























2,363 / 6,390

1.507 / 4.934

1.868 / 5.901

1.626 / 4.286

1.531 / 5.149

1.531 / 5.149

Despite its customization layer, which we will discuss later, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is a bullet. Its performance is closer to a high-end than a mid-range (in fact, it is very similar to the OPPO Reno we reviewed recently), leaving us with a sweet taste.

The A70 works great on daily tasks, and in a more correct way in the heavy ones, like playing PUBG Mobile, taking multiple pictures, switching applications in multitasking … We did not find slowness of any kind, although the occasional rise in temperature when we demand too much

Synthetic testing gives us more than 170,000 points on AnTuTu, a score that puts you below the bids with Snapdragon 710, and above rivals with Snapdragon 660 (as expected). The processor in this terminal is designed to achieve good sustained performance, so we should not be too scrupulous when it's time to squeeze for hours.

Autonomy: many milliamperes, few minutes to load it

Doors Samsung Galaxy A70

Traditionally, Samsung has equipped its high end devices with a 15W charger, which is well below current charging technologies. This Galaxy A70 has 4500mAh, and Samsung decided to increase the power of its charger by up to 25W. This, for you to have an idea, allows us to load the device from 0 to 35% in just 20 minutes, despite the great amperage that counts.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 easily exceeds eight hours of screen and manages to charge up to 35% of its autonomy in just 20 minutes


As regards their autonomy, it was not difficult to overcome the eight hours of active screenYes, with Always On Display disabled. This screen time resulted in two days of moderate use and a day and a half if we make intensive use of the terminal. The consumption is quite stable, and the rest is quite moderate, consuming about 3% at night.

With this set of hours of screen and charging speed, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is placed in a privileged position compared to its direct competition, thus being one of the alternatives with better autonomy in its price range. This makes sense, since the huge panel invites you to consume multimedia and play, something we can do for hours without draining the device.

Software: good on a functional level, but far from being a clean ROM

Oneui This is the sombre theme of One UI.

When we talk about the need for software that suits large cell phones, we mean jobs like Samsung's with One UI. This interface is designed for and by usability, so we find certain spaces throughout the operating system, so that the content is located in the lower half of the terminal and can arrive in a simple way. Thanks to this, We can use a 6.7-inch terminal with one hand, without any problem. In our unit, the terminal came with the May patch, and Android version 9.0 Pie, as it could be otherwise at this time of year.

A UI is excellent functionally, though the design of its interface does not follow the lines of Google Material Design.

The first thing we found with the device is a a somewhat childlike appearance (icon design moves away from Material Design and bets on cartoon-like strokes) and an exaggerated size of the icons. In a terminal with this screen diagonal, you can take advantage of space far beyond a 4×5 grid (not counting the slot). Fortunately, we can always use a third-party launcher, although this time we used the stock to preserve the most "Samsung" experience possible.


If we slide left into the launcher, we'll find Bixby, Samsung's assistant. On this page, you'll be shown information about the applications and services we want. By default, we can see information about the applications and themes of Samsung, Spotify, Giphy, Weather, some news … Panel does not bother and does not provide poor performance, offering us an experience very similar to the Google Home feed.

Also we did not find a button dash to invoke the application drawer, but we can execute the slider up gesture for this function. Once again, in the drawer we find some very large icons, in this case on a 4×5 grid that makes us think that you could have taken advantage of the better space. The notification bar, however, has slightly smaller and more aesthetic icons, which we achieve perfectly thanks to the large space that we find at the top of the bar.

Oneui Settings

When accessing the settings, again, we have a large space that makes the content slide to the bottom of the screen. Samsung has not touched the Android Stock settings much, although it adds Always On Display's onscreen features, its own Samsung Cloud, or its own gesture system, among others. These, work by vertical slides go back home, invoke multitasking or come back. They do not malfunction, but we feel more comfortable with the traditional Android navigation bar.

It is also gratifying that Samsung increasingly takes care of the bloatware issue. Specifically, these are the applications that we will find on this Samsung Galaxy A70 without anyone asking us if we want to have them or not.

  • SmarT-Hings
  • Voice recorder
  • E-mail
  • My files
  • Internet
  • Samsung Health
  • Galaxy Wearable
  • Members of Samsung
  • Radio
  • Office Mobile
  • OneDrive
  • LinkedIn
  • Notes Samsung
  • Samsung Pay
  • Galaxy Store

Generally, the applications that Samsung adds are useful, especially for ordinary users. It is appreciated to have a file explorer, Office suite, FM radio or a voice recorder. We have many applications like LinkedIn , but we value the exercise of Samsung to offer a list of predetermined applications less and less.

A user interface works well. Say goodbye to the delay and slowness, although it is necessary to polish something more aesthetically

As for layer performance, despite being a mid-range, is prominent. No vestige of the famous "lagwiz", forced closures, redesign or any strange performance. On the contrary, ROM is much more fluid than you'd expect in this range, with careful animations and a more than satisfying user experience.

As we have pointed out, We would like a closer approach to the design material, rather than a line of design so peculiar and peculiar. Anyway, the ROM works perfectly, has interesting additions and is upgraded to the latest version of Android, little else we can ask for.

Biometrics and unlock systems

Fingerprint reader Samsung Galaxy A70

Regarding the biometrics of this device, we find the technology of facial recognition, on the one hand, and the digitalization of fingerprints, on the other. As the main distinction from the rest of its rivals, the reader said is located below the screen.

While the inclusion of this current technology is appreciated, performance is not satisfactory. The error rate is quite high, but when it works, it is fast. It can be unlocked with this method with the screen on and the screen off.

If this fingerprint reader does not convince us, we can always resort to facial recognition. This works great, even in low light situationsand recognizes us most of the time in a few seconds. It is the option by which we opted for these days of use, forced by the low accuracy of the fingerprint reader.

Cameras: lots of versatility, but little ambition

Samsung Galaxy A70

At the price level, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is located in that range where the photographic requirement starts to be a bit higher than the cheaper midterms. Could he meet expectations? Before answering this, Let's take a walk through your camera application..

Samsung Camera

The first thing we found is a clean and clear interface, similar to that of a Google Pixel or iPhone. In the upper bar, we have access to settings, flash, timer, screen format and filters. At the bottom we find the main photo modes.

  • Normal picture (to choose between angular and wide angle)

  • Dynamic approach (works with people and without them)

  • Pro Mode

  • Panoramic

  • Video (to choose between angular and wide angle)

  • Superheated camera

  • Slow motion

  • Quick Camera

In the same way that we have Bixby Vision, "Google Lens" has Samsung. This one will give us information about the scene that we are going to photograph, although in a less detailed way.

Main picture quality

Day A70

The Samsung Galaxy A70 has a mid-range economy camera, with the possibility of a wide angle. This is the most concise summary that can be made of its triple camera of 32, 8 and 5 megapixels, respectively. As we can see, in good light conditions the results are more than acceptable. The detail is enough, and the interpretation of color, while saturating something more than we would like, does not end up being bad.

Galaxy A70 Camera HDR management is quite patchy on this device.

Management of the HDR, on the other hand, is quite patchy on this device. Sometimes, we find burnt skies, something that we normally do not find in this type of devices. In this scene, he was not able to solve this sky, and the general detail of the image is medium.

Photo A70

In this image, on the contrary, the HDR acted more. Although you have virtually eliminated any shadows, the image is over-processed and overexposed. Again, we see a correct level of detail, but nothing too far from the results seen in somewhat cheaper devices.

Distortion A70 The wide angle is the main virtue of this phone.

When we go to the wide-angle camera, we come across that extra versatility that separates it from some of its direct rivals. Despite being a low resolution camera, can maintain a detail similar to that of the main cameraand the results of the day are acceptable.

A70 Wide Angle Vs Wide Angle We found differences in color interpretation.

How can we see, the colors are something more artificial, although it is not exaggerated. It is amazing that the level of detail, as we predict, is not so far from the pictures taken with the main camera. This encourages us to use wide-angle in almost any situation (except at night, as we will see later), since we hardly notice any loss of quality.

Wide angle detail The wide-angle, again, keeps the detail even in areas where distortion is most noticeable.
Wide Angle Vs. The dynamic range is sometimes impaired by the wide-angle camera.

As for portrait mode, we found results a little poor. The cut is decent, but even with good lighting conditions, it does not get the details we expected. The dynamic range is also not strong in this mode, as the HDR barely makes an appearance.

Portrait A70

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy A70 arrive when it comes to night photography. The detail fades, the corners have grain even in the main chamber, and the results are much smaller than expected in a terminal of its price. The fill is slow and although we have a good pulse, it is easy to find some blurred images.

A70 Nights

The excess noise is quite noticeable, the detail almost does not appear, and the highlights are not well processed. Image quality is well below reasonably cheap rivals, and invites do not take the phone out to take pictures when it.

A70 Night details Even in good nightlight conditions, the A70 suffers a lot.

If we opt for wide-angle photography, the quality in this case drops. The detail reaches its minimum expression. Although the f / 2.2 aperture can capture some light, the results are not very usable.

A70 Lack of details The detail does not exist in this picture, just the noise.

The portrait mode, on the other hand, can get us out of trouble. The cut is still correct (just like for the day), and although the quality of the photograph decreases, the results are more than enough to get a usable photo.

Night portrait A70 As for the night portrait, the results are acceptable and a good cut is maintained.

Front camera image quality

Selfie A70

The front camera of the A70, on the other hand, does not do a bad job. By day, we found a good job in HDR, even when you activate portrait mode. Although the skin tones are lighter than we would like (Samsung's house brand), the photos are quite "result".

When night falls, the results decrease, although not dramatic

When night falls, the quality decreases, but we still find enough photos. Indeed, the quality does not drop as much as with the main camerasomething that surprises us.

Selfie of the Galaxy A70 Night

In relation to video recording, we find a somewhat slow approach, although a sufficient quality. On the other hand, it is possible to record with the wide-angle camera, although it is not as angular as when taking pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A70, Xataka's View

Samsung Galaxy A70

In short, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is a great cell phone (literally) with a weak point that we were not expecting. It's a complete alternative, with a panel, battery and virtually exceptional performance, allowing us to enjoy a 6.7-inch experience without it becoming a giant in our hands. With its new A range, Samsung wants to move away from the old experience that provided its mid-range and for now, they are on the right track.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is the cell phone to buy if you like huge screens and do not want to spend a lot of money on a phone

The main commitment of the device is your camera. In this price range above 300 euros, it begins to demand at least a higher quality than the rest of the alternatives below 200 euros and, in this case, it was not so. The camera of the A70 is versatile, but its quality is smaller than expected, especially in the night section.

Currently, this device can be purchased for about 330 euros on pages like Amazon, The Phone House or Worten. A price that can be justified by your AMOLED screen, fingerprint reader under the screen and processor.

Despite their limitations, few better options come to mind they look for a really big panel. It's comfortable, its battery lasts a lot (and fast charge) and allows us to enjoy a multimedia experience on another level. Samsung created a fairly complete phone with just one sin (the camera) left in the hands of the potential buyer to forgive or not.








In favor

  • Despite being a large terminal, it is comfortable to use with just one hand
  • The screen is excellent, at all possible levels
  • The battery lasts a lot and charges very fast


  • The camera falls below expectations, especially at night
  • One UI is functional but can be improved
  • The fingerprint reader is fast but inaccurate

The terminal has been assigned for the test by Samsung. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.


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