Friday , April 23 2021

Prison house for the daughter of businessman Carlos Solarte, investigated by Odebrecht case

His lawyer applied for a house arrest for being a head of household with two children of two and four years. The prosecutor's office and the Attorney General's Office, the lawyer said, did not oppose the petition.

Carlos and Paola Fernanda Solarte.Archive El Espectador

A Bogotá court of guarantees granted the house benefit for imprisonment to Paola Fernanda Solartedaughter of road builder Carlos Solarte, who was investigated for alleged irregularities in the award of the contract for the construction of the interconnection tunnel between the Tunjuelo River, the Canoas wastewater treatment plant and the Bogotá river.

His lawyer, Alfredo Rodríguez, said the request was made because he is head of the family with two children of two and four years. Legal and humanitarian reasons, the criminal said, led to the request. He also said that neither the prosecution nor the prosecutor's office opposed the request. taken last night. (You may be interested: Evidence from the Prosecutor's Office against Carlos Solarte and his daughter Paola)

Last Friday, in the same case, the Prosecutor's Office and the lawyer presented a pre-agreement establishing a six-year and seven-month prison sentence for Solarte for accepting three crimes: undue interest in the conclusion of contracts, bribery for giving an offer and embezzlement. This latter crime would be altered by breach of trust, which would mean a reduction in sentence.

The pre-agreement, however, has not yet been accepted or rejected, as the 51º Bogotá Court of Knowledge postponed the decision to December 6. This also includes a fine of more than 400 legal minimum wages in force (over $ 300 million). In this case, the Attorney General's Office, despite not opposing the pre-agreement, yes he presented several questions about the amount of appropriation which Solarte would have incurred. (We suggest: Paola Solarte would pay six years and seven months of house arrest per Odebrecht case)

The prosecution investigated it, as did her father, Carlos Solarte, for allegedly paying bribes to the Brazilian company Odebrecht to stay in 2009, with the contract for the construction of the interconnection tunnel. According to the Public Ministry, CASS Construtores & Cia. S.C.A. (the firm of Carlos and Paola Solarte) and Odebrecht joined the Canoas Consortium and agreed to pay a percentage of a contract that was valued at more than US $ 243,717 million.

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