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Pricing in Colombia and Apple Watch Series 5 Features – Devices – Technology

Apple's new generation of smart watches took place just over a weekend in the country. Him wearable, one of the parents of the genre of smartwatches Since its arrival on the market in 2012, it has been presented as a watch that brings intelligence to the wrist of your hand.

The Apple Watch Series 5 reaffirms the growing independence from the iPhone and provides a solid experience in the brand's ecosystem. New features include the inclusion of a Own app store, always-on screen mode, battery optimizations, and clock-wearing capability for worldwide emergency calls.

Apple Watch

The watch dials allow a certain range of customization; some are optimized to be changed with Always On Display.

A better search for apps

One of the points in favor of this smartwatch compared to others, is precisely the ability to install applications beyond those predetermined by the manufacturer. This explains, for example, battery differences with third-party models that do not have such a high demand for processing.

In the case of the new model, the promise is 18 hours (a battery optimized compared to the previous, but almost the same duration). In heavy use, however, it is likely to be consumed faster.

In addition to accepting applications, the 5 Series is distinguished from previous versions of Apple Watch by have an App Store, their own store, that doesn't depend on the iPhone. This is a great advantage as it saves time and allows the user to find developments that act independently of the phone interface that fit the 40mm or 44mm screens.

In terms of applications, as expected, the universe is very varied. Through an iPhone-like interface, the watch lets you search for keywords and displays results that are searched intuitively. There is a very clear emphasis on sports activities and application options for wellness, relaxation and breathing, but Uses can range from reminders that you should water your plants to being able to locate stars by pointing your wrist. With the WatchOS 6 operating system, there is speed in response and performance stands out.

Among other advantages, it is no longer necessary to have the phone beside to authorize the installation of an application, just press the side button twice and authorize the download with your security code. Nor is it necessary to remove it from the case to request an Uber or take your phone to make calls or messages.

Always on

While it doesn't seem like a big change, the Always-On screen, a feature that allows the watch to always be on, significantly optimizes the experience.

The covers carry different aspects when the watch is in a position where it recognizes that it is being seen when it is at rest. It's fun to experiment with different sources and types of cursors and customize your quick access options (you can do this on your iPhone). Given this feature, it is recommended that the new model has a longer battery life.

Apple's proposal with this function is to free up some user movement and continue to show content without asking for special attention. If you practice yoga or go climbing, for example, you may not have your hands free to check the time.

Apple Watch

Depending on the activity, the smart watch changes the appearance of the capsules but is not completely suspended.

Generated doubt in some social network users whether notification content would be exposed to anyone who wanted to see a conversation. The good news is that Apple thought about it and that's why if content is displayed (notifications, active game, or message), the screen will show the blurred background and above a simple digital clock. The watch will also serve as an authentication key for payments, but this is for US models only. UU

While Apple has extensive experience generating resources for your watch – the device is now capable of detecting wrist abnormalities and alerting you to detect even cardiac arrest – you would expect more of its own standard developments, including for example, sleep monitoring. In the latter case, the user must choose one of the different apps available on the App Store, which usually have a cost.

Two new features that come by default and are very attractive are the compass and the monitoring of ambient sound. The first allows you to set a destination as an address if you want to return there later or view unrestricted guidance instructions. The second, which arouses a lot of curiosity, It lets you know the ambient noise you are exposed to and alerts you when the decibel level (db) may be harmful to your ear.

According to Apple, the watch listens to its surroundings and analyzes the audio fragment locally. This information, which may be sensitive because it is ultimately an open microphone, is not shared on the Internet, is not directed to or accessed by Apple's cloud. The system listens to the audio part and delivers a result automatically without storing it. According to experts, if you are exposed to sounds above 80 db for more than 25 hours, you may start to have a hearing loss. A trancon in Bogota, for example, can reach 86 db.

Other news

While Apple is always characterized by its focus on design, this new smartwatch can anticipate previous generations, clearly emphasizing modern styling and an even brighter display on the 40 and 44 mm versions. The screen also takes up more space and opts for curved edges in the content, which provides 30% more usable space.

Apple Watch

The thickness of the Apple Watch Series 5 is 10.7 mm, slightly thinner than the 11.4 mm Series 3.

The body is slightly thinner than the Series 3 watch, but Titanium and ceramic versions announced by Apple at its September release will not be available in Colombia. As for sensors, the Series 5 opts for a second-generation optical sensor to monitor heart rate and includes an electrical sensor, thus, more accurate monitoring of your physical activities. For the first time, the watch will also include menstrual cycle monitoring, designed to support women's health management with a very intuitive interface.

Another announcement is that Apple Watch will allow you to issue an emergency alert no matter where you are.. As the number of emergencies in another country is sometimes unknown to tourists, Apple has spawned deals with telecommunications companies so that the LTE version of its smart watch can call for help. By pressing the power off button, you can slide the SOS option and communicate. This will be available for the more expensive version of wearable, the one with LTE.

Apple Watch is in authorized stores in Colombia and is on the market for $ 1,869,000 pesos.



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