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President Duque's trills on leader deaths are similar

Privacy Policy | 2019/06/25

The Duke's model?

In social networks is circulating an image in which several trills of President Ivan Duque are shown that have similarities. The first is that they are pronouncements on killings of social leaders or former FARC fighters. The second is that there are several repeated expressions, all beginning with the word "condemning", they also say that they "ordered" or gave "instructions to the authorities" to find out the whereabouts of those "responsible" for the violent act. The most recent of these trillions is June 22, after the murder of María del Pilar Hurtado in Tierralta, Córdoba. These similarities were interpreted by some people as a "model" that the president would have to regret this type of event. In his Twitter account, there are 21 tweets in which he uses the word "condemn." It may be a coincidence, but in the middle of the situation it fell ill among some Colombians. The Presidency has assured that there is no model for these tweets and that President Duque regrets each death.

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