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Planet X could be the super Earth of the Solar System

Mexico CityAccording to various mathematical calculations, they indicate that there could be a world with a size between Earth and Neptune, which was named as Planet 9 or X. And could explain the path of Transnpunian objects, which is any body of the Solar System whose orbit is located completely beyond the orbit of Neptune.

The researcher of the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Leticia Carigi reported that in our solar system we do not have any such planet. And that these are called super-lands and in other planetary systems are very common, but not here.

By 2015, astronomers at the California Institute of Technology obtained mathematical evidence of the possible presence of a planet with an elongated orbit in the outer Solar System.

Leticia Carigi detailed that the hypothetical world could have between 2 and 15 times the mass of the Earth.

Planet X, may be the super land of the Solar System Photo: Tema | Pixabay

It would also be located at 200 or 1,500 astronomical units, distance from the Sun to Earth.

According to mathematical models, Carigi indicated that Planet 9 would complete the return to the Sun every 20,000 years.

Although it has never been seen and its existence is based on mathematical models, planet X could be a planet or a large moon ejected from another planetary system, or perhaps formed in our Solar System.

A study by researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology indicates that if planet 9 exists, it may be discovered by the year 2030.

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