Petroleaks: Clash between Coronell and Petro is now for Petroleaks & # 39; | Politics


What started with Wikileaks cable about former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo, who said that he would not make an alliance against former President Álvaro Uribe, Generated a battlefield on Twitter between Daniel Coronell and Congressman Gustavo Petro, who has been four days.

Given the congressman's insistence on Fajardo's lack of position, the columnist commented that Petro was not a good mayor of Bogota and thus began the debate that includes figures, charts and positions of followers and detractors of the leader of Human Bogotá & 39 ;.

Today, Coronell's announced column titled "Petroleaks" was known, and speaks precisely of another cable Wikileaks, but this review the Senate's conversation with the US Embassy in 2008, d.Where would have signaled two comrades of his party, the Democratic Pole, to have a relationship with the FARC.

In the cable was mentioned Piedad Córdoba of the Liberal Party and Wilson Borja and Gloria Inés Ramírez of the Democratic Pole, who were investigated and acquitted by Farcpolitica, but Coronell says thatThe names were kept in the archive of US agencies.

In the end, the columnist concludes that he did not consider the corporal in Fajardo as conclusive proof that he is "a Uribe's Trojan horse," and that this new cable does not allow to conclude that Petro "is an informant".


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