Pediatrician's father Calden is in Salamis


Luis Fernando Rodríguez García

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Jaime Duque Bonilla has a life dedicated to minors. He recently completed 50 years of professional life dedicated to the practice of pediatrics, the area of ​​medicine in which he specialized in Universidad del Valle.

For this consecration, was recognized in Hospital Felipe Suárez, in Salamina, where he worked for 16 years. Through Resolution 063 of June 10, 2019, the specialist received a style note and a plaque.

The tribute took place in the premises of the center of attention. There Ivan Fernando Abasolo Guerrero, manager of the organization, officialized the exaltation on Tuesday with the acceptance and accompaniment of his colleagues and friends (see box Admirado).


"I am happy to have so many years in my specialty, that I am alive and healthy and that I appreciate the affection of my colleagues who used to be my students," Duque said.

What they call the father of Calida pediatrics was born in Cali. After finishing higher education, he traveled to Manizales, where he was a professor at the University of Caldas for 35 years. He married a manizaleña. He did not abandon his medical mission and still exercises today in the municipality of northern Caldas.

In 1969 there was no specialty in the capital of Caldas and he, after two years of work, promoted a postgraduate course so that students of the Faculty of Medicine could access the topics of this area of ​​health. The graduate remains.

"At the moment, we have more than 150 doctors trained in pediatrics, the origin of this specialty was given with the support of the professors who were at university at the time and I was director of this program for 25 years until I retired."

Duque stressed that the patients from Salamina and northern Caldas, who attend the Hospital, are very dear, receptive and respectful with the service provided to them. He spoke of the importance of making a mark, of what he said he was proud of.

"The pediatrician needs patience.You have to study a lot.The child doesn't report things, but you do not talk much.Mother plays an important role in this kind of specialty," he said.


Pediatrician and teacher Carlos Montoya, who met Duque at the University of Caldas, described his colleague as a specialist in exceptional colleges. He said he is an example to follow by those who take care of children.

"He is very studious and has tried to update himself on the topics of interest, it is appropriate to detect problems of children, he is loving and respectful to patients, his attention is humanized," Montoya stressed.

Abasolo Guerrero concluded that, for the Hospital he runs, Duque is a defender: "He has all the qualities as a doctor and as a human being, the University of Caldas should also pay homage to him for what he represents for the institution."


The comrades of the specialist Jaime Duque Bonilla only have good words for the professional:

Jorge Iván Duque, auditor

He is a man of integrity, charismatic and dedicated to his work with children. It is a guarantee pledge to be able to count in the north of Caldas with the exceptional qualities of a specialist like him.

Ana Rubiela Arias Patiño, general practice

He is a person with an impressive professional background who has provided a great service to the community. The recognition is well deserved by these 50 years of work. He was a good teacher because of his dedication and hard work.

Hernando García Sabala, orthopedist

He has been a teacher in every sense of the word. I believe that the tribute given today is only a first attempt to recognize his entire career as a professional and a human being.


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