Patients with brain tumors ignored their first symptoms: Hot Line


Mexico.- The most common symptoms that patients with brain tumors said they ignored were memory problems, cognition and comprehension, lack of concentration, multitasking, changes in sleep, headaches, lack of balance, personality and character changes and perception of the senses .

According to one study, people who were diagnosed with brain tumors do not pay sufficient attention to the symptoms of the disease that appear at the beginning.

A group of British scientists interviewed adult patients with brain tumors to know the signs that preceded the diagnosis.

This study revealed that patients did not attach importance to symptoms because they were considered very subtle and took them as a result of stress, occupation, fatigue, work, but did not consider them so serious as to consider visiting the doctor.

Some said that at some point they felt tremors or subtle changes in speech but that they did not relate to a tumor, or even reported it on their first visit to the doctor.

This study will allow physicians to understand what brain cancer can influence the behavior and cognition of sick patients, which symptoms may be a sign, and give more importance to small, yet subtle, changes.


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