Friday , April 23 2021

Papa Roach and The Adicts, the Perfect Speaker 2018 Closure

The festival, which turned 15 years old, featured a majestic poster with the presence of more than 35,000 people a day.

After a year of waiting the editing was performed 15 of the festival of loudspeakers, an event that will remain in the memory of all participants and fans of rock, punk and ska for the incredible shows of artists like The Adicts, Papa Cheap, Bad manners and P-NE.

And, being the anniversary of the event, the organizers wanted to have world-class artists who marked the different generations, including Ángeles del Infierno, a group that made more than one stand out with its famous song. "On the other side of silence."

Doctor Krápula For his part, he recalled the childhood of some participants when he played "La fuerza del amor", "El pibe de mi barrio", "Amanece", among others. Bad Manners, along with vocalist Buster and Hepcat, transmitted the best energy of ska, a genre that has been consolidating in Colombia in the last 4 years.

The Adicts, British punk band, surprised with their big show full of color. The followers of the group received him shouting Live the Revolution, before leaving Keith Warren, "Monkey", with the painted face and a costume of points of different colors. "It's an honor to be here because this is our last show of the year, there's no better place to be than here" said guitarist Pete Dee.

Papa Roach was the most anticipated by all people, from adults to children reminded Colombia that the culture of rock is still present. The band's performance began with Renegade Music, followed by Between Angels and Insects, Fear and a tribute to Eminem, performing some of the lines of Lose Yourself.

According to Lina Botero, Secretary of Civic Culture "It is visible the evolution that the Festival had in the technical, artistic, and this is cause of joy for the Municipal Administration. An evolution that is also evident in the fact of moving from an international band in the first speaker to 16 international bands in this 15th edition of Altavoz Fest, a festival where the local talent, the musicians of our city, are the most important. "

"It was a great Festival, without a doubt this 15th edition of Speaker will be in the history of the most important musical events of Medellín." Speaker lets us with the satisfaction that 28 bands of shows played in front of many people, who shared with international bands They left us with a wonderful audience that, despite the ranks, respected and gave space for others to enter. Leave us coexistence! In one party, people shared in peace. beginning, tool for transforming the city, "said Felipe Grajales, director of Altavoz Fest, on the balance of this edition of the festival.

Scenery of Peace

During the three days, November 10, 11 and 12, the Cinquentenario Stadium in Medellín had an audience that had no problem creating endless queues to see their favorite artists. The third day was the busiest, about 45,000 people gathered to enjoy good music, culture and art. The attendance number for the three days is over 84,000.

The 59 musical proposals that arrived in the capital of Antioquia promoted, from the first day of the festival, through their letters and speeches, the coexistence, peace, tolerance and socio-cultural development of the city. "We prefer to deliver art than to destroy it", affirmed the drummer of Radio Calavera, the band of Hard Rock of the city of Medellín. Like them, the group Doctor Krápula stopped to talk about the education crisis and asked the participants to fight peacefully and with arguments.

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