One Punch Man: The Secret Power Of Superhero Watchdog Man Is Revealed By Garou In Season 2 Of The Saitama Anime | Hero of the S-Class – Rank 12 | TV | Series


Power of the watchdog in a punching man | Watchdog Man It may look like anything but a hero. However, it is one of the strongest. Behind this dog disguise is a fighter the Garou can not defeat in "A man punches"

Although it may not seem so at first glance, Watchdog Man He is an S-class hero among those currently occupying 12th place, and he is not a clown. It's none. In four legs Watchdog Man he defeated Garou, the Hunter of Heroes, of a skill difficult to neutralize.

In & # 39;Concerns of the strongest(2×09), the ninth episode of the second season of the anime, after he broke through the guard Watchdog ManGarou was seen seriously injured, discouraged by being defeated by a man wrapped in a dog costume.

Why did he lose? In the words of Garou, the powers of Watchdog Man They are based on their four-legged fighting style. That is, the S-Class hero can use his four limbs as he pleases, surpassing his martial arts techniques.

Basically, by fighting like a dog, Watchdog Man It became unpredictable for Garou, who so far had no problem in melee combat with other smaller heroes.


About his origin is not known much, except that he always wore a dog suit. Watchdog Man He is a young man, in charge of protecting Q-City. Watchdog Man He barely speaks and generally seems bored, just like Saitama.

Watchdog Man He wears his suit even when he bathes and how could it be otherwise, even when he eats, he does like a dog. Not a good company at the table. Never stop acting like a dog.

From City-Q, Watchdog Man She confronts monsters and humans who do evil, even if it only kills the first. Of course, avoid fighting beyond the limits of your city.

In the anime, Watchdog Man is mentioned in chapter 2. His official debut is in the 6th, in the meeting of class S heroes, in which Saitama & # 39; infiltrates.

It will reappear in what remains of the second season of "A man punches"It continues to be seen.


The second season of "A man punches"is broadcast on Tuesdays on Japanese television in his home country, Crunchyroll in Spain and Hulu in the United States.


"A man-puncher"It's a manga created by the mangaka known as One, which focuses on Saitama, an extremely strong bald superhero who is dominated by the lack of a real challenge and continually looking for an opponent worthy of his power.

"A man-puncher"first appeared in 2009 as webcomic, until in 2012 it was serialized when it first appeared on the site of Young Jump magazine, illustrated by Yusuke Murata, how a physical manga was licensed by Shueisha in his native country.


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