Wednesday , October 20 2021

New director of & # 39; La Luciérnaga & # 39; confirms the departure of Darcy Quinn and the reason for the withdrawal


In the interview of the program that he reinforced during his time in Claro Colombia, Delascasas was asked if on his arrival at La Luciérnaga & # 39; there would be a & # 39; joke & # 39; or who would & # 39; t play? or & # 39; decapitate & # 39;

"Not, basically I said that I wanted to continue with the same group. "The firefly" is a program that the first thing you have to do with such a captive audience is to respect the public, "he initially replied, but then confirmed that a journalist will leave:

"The team continues and there are certain evolutions. Darcy Quinn is only at 6 in the morning.

Before that, the interviewers Santiago Moure and Martin de Francisco bothered Delascasas and they said to him: "Ah, you took [risas]"


"No, I did not take it out! Let's see, he arrives at four in the morning for Caracol; it's at 6 AM & # 39 ;; then he goes to" La Luciernaga ", explained the new space director who combines politics and humor in that season.

However, Moure and De Francisco continued to play with similar phrases: "He took Darcy Quinn," and sarcasm like, "No, we must make it clear, Gabriel did not want to take Darcy, Darcy wanted to leave.

In the end, and in the midst of the jokes, Delascasas insisted that Quinn leaves "La Luciérnaga", but because he "needs to rest". He also stated:

"I begged him not to leave."

These statements can be heard in two parts (minutes 32:42 and 36:20) of the following video of this Monday's episode of "La lettal tele," shared on the Red Más channel on YouTube.

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