New alleged case of homophobia in shopping mall; now, holding hands


According to the gay couple, the person in charge of the security of the place asked the two people not to shake hands because the children were watching, He told the FM website.

"Leave the show," would have been the expression used by the man.

"They were holding hands and a guard withdrew them because that it was a supposed obscene act which put children at the mall at risk, "said Wilson Castañeda, president of the Caribbean corporation Afirmativa, in statements by the media.

Besatón Bogota April 2019

In response to this complaint, the mall pronounced saying that it will take corrective, asked for "apologies for what happened" and assured that "this act does not represent our feeling nor is the proper behavior that no watcher or employee."

Meanwhile, Those affected requested an act of public reparation, La FM added.

This situation is similar to a day after the death of two youths who said they had been attacked in the Andean Center of Bogota, also by a security manager.


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