NCAA player tattooed a Grand Theft Auto trick on the arm


An entire generation grew up with the tricks of Grand Theft AutoSan Andreas very present, written on a piece of paper or even recorded in memory. And despite the fact that many years have passed since the game's launch, there are those who do not want to forget the adventures of CJ in Los Santos, as an NCAA player who has tattooed one of the most famous combinations of buttons in the title.

The Twitter user @LaeShowYo He showed a photo of Indiana's Hoosiers base, Devonte Green, about to shoot the basket. The funny thing is that in his left arm there are some strange symbols … what could they be? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a combination of PlayStation buttons. If we do a little memory, remember that this is precisely the trick to getting countless markers Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

"He actually tattooed the trick code of endless bullets of GTA San Andreas because it's a trigger. "

Here you can see another image that has more clarity and also a version with some zoom:

Green proves to be a geek culture lover, because in addition to this curious tattoo, he also has another of the 8 trigrams seal of Naruto, a mushroom of Mario Bros. and apparently even a Spider-Man.

In other news about Grand Theft Auto, we remember that the new week of careers in GTA Online. Follow all about this game here.

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