Mexican triple fight A in Bogotá, Tour de la Conquista


Legends of this sport were presented last night at Movistar Arena and made it clear that Mexico is still the king. This is how the talent wave of Blue Demon Jr., The Phantom Son and Psycho Clown, in the quadrilateral.

Last night, Movistar Arena was the scene of great battles. Through an unprecedented event in Colombia, legendary Mexican fighters have made it clear why the small country is the king of wrestling. Psychopath Clown, Son of the Phantom and Blue Demon Jr., all children of legend of this sport, were presented during the first international show of the Tour of the Conquest, that will pass through Colombia, Panama, England, Japan and the United States in the spirit of globalization this practice that in the country had its golden age during the 70's and 80's.

The call was successful. There were few open spaces among the audience. There were kids, teens, adults and seniors wearing wrestling masks and raising banners with messages to the fighters.

A group of Colombian exponents, belonging to the Wag and Saw Wrestling School (one of the few survivors of this sport in Colombia), opened the show.

However, it was the acrobatics and technique of the Mexicans that caused euphoria in the coliseum. People kept cheering, accompanied the referee in counting the blows, got excited when someone climbed the ropes in the ring to make a dangerous jump, and the children ran to the barrier each time one of the idols gave them the opportunity to interact.

On one side was the debate, as always, about whether wrestling is active or whether it is the product of spontaneity. "We came to see the show, the pirouettes, the characters that the fighters built," said an assistant.

Drago, Viking's Son, The Last Cursed, Black Danger, Lady Shani, Faby Apache, Aerostar and Maximo were other Mexican fighters and fighters who appeared last night and who will probably do it again very soon apparently wrestling Mexican AAA prepares a tour of several territories of Colombia in 2019.


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