Massacre in "The Walking Dead" leaves 10 dead characters


Who will survive the storm of the season finale of "The Walking Dead"?

The ninth season of "The Walking Dead" is in its final stretch. And as was feared, the intercommunity fair held in & # 39; The Calm Before & # 39; has become one of the greatest massacres of all seasons of the series.

The fair whose initial purpose was to generate a kind of alliance between Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside and the Kingdom to unify and build the new civilization, had a tragic ending with the death of 10 characters.

Attention SPOILER! The cruel leader of the Whisper invades the celebration of the Kingdom to decapitate ten of the assistants and then nail their heads in spears marking their territory. These are the ten characters who did not survive the villain's attack,

The production of what was once the most watched television series in the United States, with 14 million average viewers, seems to be looking for a way to regain the followers it has lost over the years. The public seems to be tired of the fact that zombies never die and the tenth episode of the ninth season, titled "Omega," was the least seen in the series' history, with only 4.5 million viewers.


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