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Magistrate of the Supreme Court's Special Investigation Chamber, Cristina Eugenia Lombana, responded to a column of opinion of the journalist Daniel Coronell, in which he assures that Lombana, in charge of the investigation process against the former president Álvaro Uribe for alleged manipulation of witnesses , worked in the past with lawyer Jaime Granados, who defends Uribe.

According to the text of Coronell in the magazine Semana, Lombana never reported this job in the official curriculum he handed to the Supreme Court for his election last year.

Judge Lombana said, before the publication, that "it places my legitimacy questioned as judge of the Special Chamber of Instruction," that his work with the Granados Law Firm was more than 20 years ago.

According to Lombana, when she applied as a Court Judge, she did not include as an experiment the step she gave to the Granados office. "Simply because I could not prove it."

The magistrate assured that she tried to obtain this certification to include it in the documents she presented before her application to the Court, "but I was informed that she did not even appear in the register of lawyers registered by that firm."

Lombana says that he never denied, "neither publicly nor privately, my three-month passing experience in the office of Dr. Jaime Granados's lawyer."

Even, he says, on January 16 of this year in the Special Chamber of Instruction left "registration of this information in Minutes No. 011".

The magistrate said that "in addition to this brief employment relationship, which occurred more than 20 years ago – specifically in 1997 – I have never had personal or professional contact with Dr. Granados."

Lombana says he saw him again a few weeks ago as a lawyer in one of the procedures that were marked by his office.

According to Lombana, this situation "does not constitute a legal cause of any impediment to disengaging myself from the knowledge of the in which Dr. Granados acts as a lawyer. "

In any case, the magistrate said that if any of the parties in the suit against Uribe consider that he should move away from that investigation, "they have the legal tools to process the pertinent concerns", that is, to present challenges in their actions. against if they so consider.

The investigation against former President Álvaro Uribe began last year when the trial was in the office of former magistrate Jose Luis Barceló.

José Luis Barceló and Álvaro Uribe

José Luis Barceló and Álvaro Uribe


Claudia Rubio / EFE

A year ago, Magistrate Barceló opened a formal trial for Uribe and Congressman Álvaro Hernán Prada and he called them to the investigation because, supposedly, they were trying to manipulate the testimony of former paramilitary Juan Guillermo Monsalve, who linked Uribe to paramilitarism in Antioquia.

After the law of the double instance and the creation of two new courts (the Special Chamber of Investigation and the Trial Chamber of First Instance), the case left the office of the then magistrate Barceló, and passed into the hands of an investigation room in which the principal investigator is Judge Cristina Eugenia Lombana.

Although Uribe has filed different appeals to try to cancel his investigation, last February the new Investigation Room denied his request for annulment. considering that all the decisions taken by the first magistrates who called him for an investigation, that is, Barceló and two other judges of the Criminal Chamber, were protected by the Constitution.

In addition, Uribe's new investigators, including Lombana, have determined that the evidence that previous magistrates had ordered the practice in Uribe's case was legal, and in this case there was no arbitrariness or overtaking by Judge Barcelo when he opened the case.



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