Madrid already knows the price of Jovic


Luka Jovic, to their 21 years, is one of the great revelations of the season in Bundesliga. The attacker of the Eintracht Frankfurt sum at this time of the season 22 goals and 7 watches in 36 matches and aroused the interest of the great Europeans, highlighting among them the Real Madrid, although it is not your favorite option.

The white club needs a & Quot; how to eat & # 39; and the Serbian tip is among the candidates, as is the Mauro Icardi. The big favorite is Harry Kanebut Daniel Levy, the owner of Tottenham He is an ogre & # 39; in the market and its hiring would be very complicated. Then the Madrid shuffles other options, including Jovic. (A & # 39; Italian jewelery is approaching Madrid!)

In fact, the white club already knows the Serbian price, which Rac1 confirmed, could reach EUR 60 million. But not only whites are probing his signature. O Bayern, Barcelona and some Englishmen would also be after him. & # 39; Brides & # 39; will not miss him this summer and after his big season he could look for a way out of a big one.

Regardless of what happens now, the Madrid He is very attentive to his situation and does not rule out launching his signature in the summer, although he is also calm because it is not a priority. Now, with the return of Zinedine Zidane for the white bench, Benzema the & # 39; 9 & # 39; in Madrid. We will have to see what happens with Mariano and the one assigned From Tomás e Mayor Jovic, waiting, has a price.


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