Saturday , October 23 2021

LG launches new family with (attractive) features for its users


According to Andro4All, the disclosures were made through the Twitter of Ishan Agarwal The published images, apparently, are part of the promotional material of a device of the new family.

In them, it is revealed that the cell phone will have a battery of 4,000 mAh, a processor of 8 and 12 nanometer and the Android 9 Pie as the base of the operating system. For audio lovers, this member of the W family will have a technology with special internal speakers.

The latter was first implemented in the LG G7 last year. Its success is due to the high quality of digital sound reproduction through the headphones and also through the speakers.


In the images you can see that on the back of the device is the triple camera in vertical form, which, according to this portal, is still unknown the details of how many megapixels they would have.

Twitter / @ ishanagarwal24

In addition, you can see that this new series would come with a totally different design for its striking colors and a notch (notch at the top of the screen) in the form of a drop of water.

So far there are no details of its release date, but it is expected that LG does not take too long to introduce its new range of mobile phones.

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