One of the characteristics of it Playstation 4 during its release was the possibility of enlazar una cuenta from Facebook to share catches of pantalla, to make transmissions of gameplay and even add to other friends who have been active and working. Hoy Sony ha announced that will discontinue el soporte for Facebook from today.

According to an entry in the PlayStation support forum, as of October 7, 2019, Facebook integration will not be compatible with the PS4. They are including them works for sharing on Facebook, how to post games and trophies activity and use the friend search feature.

Facebook will no longer be available as an option to share and those who have imported your photo from the social network to use as their PlayStation Network profile will have to redeploy it. This exchange will leave Twitter as the immediate option to share our latest advances or captures of PlayStation 4.

Sony takes advantage of a functionality that Facebook was discontinued

The reason vien directly from Facebook, which I announced a few months ago discontinue support for PlayStation due to a policy change applied since December 2018. The company has confirmed that Both Sony and Microsoft were accessing certain synchronization services. thanks to the use of an old code. This situation forced Facebook to close the label to prevent access to private data.

They have been changing since 2013, when Sony and other companies offer implementation with Facebook to share some activity. Mark Zuckerberg's company has been involved in privacy scandals that appear to be tener fin. They are obliging them to make public their strategy to protect the information of their users.

The 2018 Finales, Facebook Publicó Details of how you acceded to some of your user information integration partnersSome are for the purposes of improving social experiences. According to the company, these integrations will have to have a policy change in April.

The thought that the PS4 had access to these services was a kind of "oversight" that Facebook has resurfaced and that Sony has disabled in the most recent firmware update.