Kit Harington sends a strong message to critics of the series – Game of Thrones – It's Spoiler Time!


After the premiere of the eighth season of game of Thrones and with so much expectation around it, it is impossible that all fans and critics specialized in the series do not share their opinion around the visa. Positive and negative reviews have emerged and it is Kit Harington "Actor that gives life to Jon Snow– who has a message for them:

No matter what you think about this season, and I do not want to look bad with critics, but anyone who spends half an hour writing about this season and makes a negative judgment about it, I tell them they can go to hell . I know how much work was put into it and how much that mattered to the people involved. They cared a lot: the characters, the story and everything to not disappoint people.

– Kit Harington

In addition, in the interview conducted by InquireHe added that he does not care much what the fans said, since he clarifies that no one is more a fan of the series than the people involved in the production and that especially this last season was made to please themselves.

The statements of this actor are in addition to what was said earlier by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, creators of the series, who warned that the end – without revealing specific information – will divide the public of the series and even many will come to hate what was seen after the 6 episodes of the series aired.

They correspond to what was stated by Kit Harington? Where is the opinion of the fans who took the series to the place of success they now have? Let's see if he later rethinks his thinking and gives more credit to fans and critics.

The second episode of season 8 in game of Thrones O next Sunday 21 in April The 8:00 pm (MEX) for HBO and HBO Go.


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