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Karol G las tiene bigger than Natti Natasha: ¡Hay photo bomb!

Women have conquered the urban genre in recent years. The time that a period of time will pass in that men seem to be the absolute due of the regulation, now diversity reigns in the musical environment. The rivalry goes through the singers who are breaking records with the repercussion that they have reached from their comfort zone, it is about Karol G y Natti Natasha. In the photo one can observe the detail as Colombian as they are bigger than the Dominican.

Lions of what muchos might be thinking, the dispute between these artists is by the size of their gafas, ya the fashion has regressed as of costumbre and bigger but better. Karol G It has opted for a design of square crystals that cover its eyes and more, thus surpassing the glasses with those normally seen Natti Natasha.

Karol G decides to look al natural

The artistic world, however the protagonist of the musical, focuses on the physical aspectGiven the greater relevance of what it really deserves, therefore, Karol G has wanted to give a touch of attention and show itself to the natural.

In some of his photographs I decided to move away from Photoshop and to show his defects, which are much of his followers did not know existed. If I can see how Karol Gti is the cause of the weight variations she has experienced, something perfectly normal, but it has become a sin for the industry.

Sus supporters la apoyan of any mode, among some of the messages that I received by the valiente act is found: «I admire Karol so much, she doesn't care about having a marked body and a lot of her striations and cellulitis like every winner», «The truth never goes wrong with your body» y «You are a brave woman, our other women with the same striations we see regions and bellas, we do not need operations».

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