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Jessi Uribe's daughter received a gift from her mother

A few weeks ago, Jessi Uribe's ex-girlfriend shared with her followers the news that her daughter Luna had lost her puppy Cosmo because of an illness she was suffering.

The singer's eldest daughter made a short video in which she told her mother how sad she felt that she could have her pet and how much she missed him.

However, today her mother decided to surprise the little girl who certainly did not imagine her. Sandra Barrios decided to give another puppy to the small Yorkshire breed, which Luna decided to call "Max".

The ex-photos deleted from Jessi Uribe with him

Fans of the couple realized that a few days ago Sandra Barrios decided to remove several photos she had with the singer from her Instagram account, including those from her travels.

However, the photos that stood out most for their absence were the wedding photos, because these images were especially requested by Sandra's followers.

However, it is striking that the artist's former partner left only the images in which she appears with Jessi and her children.

Do you expect a reconciliation with the singer?

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