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The Madrid Medical Association has declassified Isabel Bellostas Escudero for 364 days for a felony for "revealing non-endorsed theses and opposing evidence on the origin and causes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)" and "disseminating treatments and interventions lacking complete evidence and with significant risks to people's health, "according to EL PAÍS health sources. The School confirmed that it imposed a sanction for this period of time, although it did not disclose the name of the affected party.

The complainant organization, Autism Confederation Spain, made the case public, but also chose not to mention the identity of the doctor, who works in a private practice. "Our main goal is to protect families from messages and practices contrary to scientific evidence," said a spokesman for the association, which brings together 77 provincial and regional associations related to this disorder.

But Bellostas is not a stranger among vaccines. It is presented in public as a pediatrician and, as such, appears in the offer of professionals of some private centers of the Community of Madrid, although this newspaper has not been able to confirm that it has the specialty. EL PAÍS tried unsuccessfully to get its version with repeated calls to the phones released to make an appointment.

Image of Isabel Bellostas Escudero obtained from a YouTube video.
Image of Isabel Bellostas Escudero obtained from a YouTube video.

The doctor maintains in several writings and interviews that can be found on the Internet theses completely contrary to medicine, because vaccines are dangerous and are related to autism. "A child with autism is a digestive patient with 100% involvement of his small intestine," Bellostas writes in a letter published on the website of Josep Pàmies, another well-known advocate of pseudotherapies being investigated by the Public Prosecutor's Office. promote the use of a type of bleach to cure AIDS and cancer.

In the letter, which was one of the documents taken into account to adopt the sanction, the doctor gives false hope to parents to ensure that autism is a reversible disorder: "When the diagnosis has come, the future becomes black or very dark because they they do not give him hope of recovery, but it's not true, just that normal doctors are not trained to recover their child, "he argues. He then warns parents against the vaccines: "Never revitalize a child with autism."

The now sanctioned doctor implants in other texts and videos posted on the Web several of the arguments – sometimes augmented by affirmations of domestic origin – more widespread by pseudoterapies, practices contrary to scientific evidence that pose a serious health risk. In one, she says she was fired from a public center for "informing the parents of the existence of fetal human DNA in pediatric vaccines" and "their possible relation to autism."

The suspension of the exercise of his profession occurs because of the denunciation of the Autistic Confederation of Spain and is the first sanction of this class linked to vaccines and autism, one of the issues most repeated by the pseudo-therapists, despite having been repeatedly denied scientific studies. In April 2018, the Medical College of Barcelona sanctioned a doctor with five years of disqualification for having "disclosed and put into practice with cancer patients the so-called Hamer Method, also known as New Medicine." At that time, it was the doctor himself who gave the reason for the initiation of the sanctioning process, directing the College to a document defending its practices.

Autism Spain delivered last August to the College of Physicians of Madrid a folder with the writings of Bellostas on autism. According to the disciplinary process, the facts violate articles of the Code of Medical Ethics. The doctor's action violates the duty to provide patients with "human and scientific quality medical care" as well as "freedom of prescription, respecting scientific evidence and authorized indications." It also runs counter to the obligation to "offer fair and competent advice to the patient," including "promotion of preventive activities of proven value," as well as the prediction that "medical advertising should be objective, prudent and truthful, false hopes nor propagate unfounded concepts. "

In a statement, Autism Spain explains that information such as that disseminated by Bellostas harms a vulnerable group, as they can "promote the delay or abandonment of truly effective treatments, put health at risk, generate false expectations with high emotional costs." as well as entailing a significant economic cost. "In addition, they affect public health" in a manner that misleads the population and creates confusion. "


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