Is beer medicinal? See the 10 benefits that this drink has for health



Is beer medicinal? See the 10 benefits that this drink has for health

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(Caracas, April 19 – News24).- Sometimes they point out that drinking beer is a negative thing, however, It is a pleasure that is increasingly supported by medicine for its great benefitsThese are the main ones.

This makes you a better lover.

Too much alcohol can cause impotence problems, but fortunately this does not apply to beer. The book The Sex-Married Solution: Sexual Therapist A Realistic Guide to Save Your Sexual Life, by Kat Van Kirk, mentions some of the advantages of beer to sexual life: the presence of phytoestrogens, delaying premature ejaculation; The high iron content in black beer increases libido and causes longer and more powerful erections, due to the high levels of iron in this drink.. And if that was not enough, the New York Post has published a study showing that men who drink beer a day have at least 31 percent more energy and energy, which will be reflected in greater virility.

It is a remedy against insomnia

Forget the cup of warm milk and counting sheep under the pillow is worth having a pack of six permanently at hand in case Morfeo ignores you. And it's that The beer contains lactoflavine and nicotinic acid, substances that help to relax the mind and fall asleep.

Goodbye, kidney stones

The risk of suffering from irritating kidney stones, is less for beer drinkers thanks to the diuretic effect it produces (which prevents the formation of these stones). And this was not invented by Moe of The Simpsons, but a study from Harvard University.

It can save you from a heart problem.

The European Journal of Epidemiology, ensures that drinking dark beer from time to time brings benefits to the health of the heart. According to the study that made the publication, The natural antioxidants contained in the drink ensure that consumers have a 42% lower risk of suffering a heart attack. Of course, not to mention that "the three of rule" are the best balm for a wounded heart that wants to vent.

Some for stress

When someone says "I'm going to have a beer to relieve stress," your mouth is full of truth. A study conducted in Finland and another from the University of Montreal showed that this drink (mainly the handmade one that contains less processed substances) helps to control the nerves and to relax, especially after a hard day's work.

Beer not to forget

If you come across a friend in a bar and he ensures that he "drinks beer to forget," maybe he is wrong. And another study by the Toxicology Division of the University of Alcalá de Henares revealed that beer consumption (moderately, remember) may prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease, thanks to the concentration of silicon in this beverage. This substance is able to repel the neurodegenerative effects of the brain and make it less likely that you suffer from memory loss in your old age and do not forget your favorite beer brand.

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Beer for longevity

And if that were not enough, the beer also contains chemical elements that will keep you young and fresh longer. An investigation conducted at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia indicates that hops, one of the main substances of beer, Contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that generate anti-aging effects in people. In addition, hops reduce by 31% the levels of a protein responsible for cellular inflammation, the absence of which produces less oxidation.

Beer for the skin

Did you know that Mexico has a magic city called Mineral de Pozos (in Guanajuato) where there is a spa where you can dive into pure beer to repair the skin and also get other health benefits? And it is undoubtedly that these wise people know the virtues of this barley nectar on human skin. In addition, taking help stimulates cellular regeneration.

For the cold

This will not like you very much, because it involves committing one of the deadly sins against beer: drinking hot. Seriously, if you take it to that state, your favorite beer can help control the cold, and the barley containing the beer exposed to high temperatures, It stimulates blood circulation and breathing and gives weapons to your immune system. Imagine you are having a beer tea and with this you will apply your benefit without disgust and no, do not take half box as well. Extra Detail: If you submerge your feet in the hot beer, it will relax the injured joints by staying for a long time.

Appreciation of beauty

This is not what science says, experience says it and you know it, but it does not hurt to remind you of it. When you drink beer, little by little you perceive the beauty in all its splendor, either in the unlikely event that you are in a museum or in the most plausible situation of being in a bar and suddenly you start to look super beautiful the person you would not go to the corner before. Ideal for art curators.

There are many blessings that beer brings. And we mean health, not to mention blessings that you have to change diapers in the early years. Good If you overreach and lose track of what you do, you may end up retaining many blessings. So, everything in moderation.

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