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Former President and Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez has been one of the protagonists of the political debate of the last days.

In a dialogue with EL TIEMPO, Uribe, who is on his farm in Córdoba, will talk about his proposals for the state of opinion and the inclusion of a vote against drugs in the October regional elections.

On the collapse of the initiative that eliminated the benefit of house arrest for corrupt officials, the former president He assured that it is necessary that it be approved and certainly when President Ivan Duque will be approved.

"Citizens are angry with corruption in the country and so corrupt that citizens will not be satisfied with the good things that have happened."

He added that the Attorney General's move was one of the project's problems, as well as the impediments. An initiative of Senator Paloma Valencia was highlighted so that the impediments can be voted en bloc.

In addition Uribe emphasizes that in this congress there was no "congestion" and Duque allowed the debate to take place among legislators.

Political representation

For Uribe, the representation of political parties in the cabinet has no problem and he recalled that it has always been in favor of the long-term ministers. The problem, he said, is the & congestion.

"I am totally respectful of the decisions of the President of the Republic, all I want is for President Duque to succeed", Uribe said after they asked if he advised the president to change the model of government.

The extra bonus for workers

Uribe thanked all the Senate banks that approved this bonus and said it was necessary.

"We believe that countries like Colombia need less taxes and higher remuneration," said the former president.

In fact, he emphasized that the opposition groups approved this project.

"We will work with the Minister of Finance to see how we approve this bill in the House of Representatives," Uribe added.

The anti-drug bill

According to the former president, it is necessary for Colombians to vote for a ban on drugs. He says that this would allow them to take care of their children: "That this vote reiterates that the parks are for children and young people, never for drugs, never for alcoholism," he said on Tuesday in Plaza de Bolívar.

"I do not understand where the support of the Court's jurisprudence prevents the prohibition of alcoholism and drugs in the parks."

He explained that he will talk to all groups so that, with the unanimity of Congress, the proposal will be taken to President Duque, as there are other congressmen, like the conservative David Barguil, who has also spoken about this proposal.

"There is no rule, there is a case law of the Constitutional Court that is quite controversial," said the former president.

Fight against drugs

"I have the fear that the country can be decertified." According to the former president, after the peace process with the FARC, the increase in illicit crops began, which made it difficult for President Duque.

"President Duque already has 100 manual eradication groups, he found 20," Uribe said. In addition, he said that well controlled fumigation does not hurt.

The state of opinion

While recognizing that making a constituent is difficult through regulation, it does not rule out.

"We need to create a high awareness of opinion so that public opinion is expressed, so there is no drug addiction in the parks," he said. Uribe spoke in recent days about the need to establish a state of opinion.

Regional Elections

Uribe assures that the electoral contest is very difficult. He said there are very strong candidates and that the country is angry. "They have created a rage against me, the boys are not talking about the country of 2002 today."

For Uribe at the time of the campaign, it is not necessary to make predictions and the only thing that should be done is "work, work and work".



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