International flight suffered an emergency in Bonilla Aragón


It is unclear what impacted the aircraft.

News from Valle del Cauca

This Thursday, there was an emergency at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport, with an international flight plane that had to land in an emergency.

The Civil Aeronautics of Colombia confirmed this.

What was not officially known is that "something hit the plane", but they do not know if it was a bird or what element.

Although the aircraft was not damaged, nor was the flight at risk "the landings were requested in a preventive way for review".

It covered the route Cali-Montevideo, Uruguay.

After the accident, the aircraft may take off again.

It was known that two Avianca flights had to wait for the emergency to be answered on the runway to take off.

But the incident lasted no more than two hours.

However, the airline has not yet explained whether they have been affected.

After 8:30 a.m., the operation at the airport was resumed normally.


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