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Your children have done their last will. Christian Bach left a great void in Mexican soap operas and his family after his tragic death two months ago. As you recall, the Argentine actress died of a respiratory arrest that shocked the entertainment world, and today her children try to move on with their lives.

Through their official Instagram account, the children of Christian Bach, Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita they fulfilled the promise they made to their mother before they died, that she was "enjoying life." Both brothers starred in a clip in networks where they are very happy in the middle of the sea.

In the video shared in Instagram You can see the children of the Zurita couple on a sailboat. "Everything looks bad, but we're watching," Sebastian said, while his brother is the only one holding the rope. The tape was shared on Sebastian's networks with a moving message: "Enjoying life as promised, I love you," addressed to the promise he made to his mother.

Meanwhile, the father of the two brothers, Humberto Zurita He wrote as a comment: "Tu ma sure is blowing", in relation to the wind they had to continue with their adventure at sea.

As he recalled, Christian Bach died at the age of 59 on February 26, 2019, leaving a big gap between all his fans; However, death was reported to the press two days later, with the intention of keeping the family's pain away from media harassment.

Statement on the death of Christian Bach

"It has always been your will to keep personal and family matters in absolute privacy, in order to lead a normal life, parallel to our profession and media exposure derived from our work, it is this public part of our life that today compels us to share with all of you this great loss to the family, "the statement said.


"We ask you, receive this news with respect and affection, to be faithful to your wishes and your behavior always respectful and full of love for those who have supported her so much throughout her career," the letter adds.

Sebastián Zurita and his last goodbye to his mother

In spite of the complete silence with which the family dealt with the death of the actress, her eldest son decided to speak and share his message on social networks, where he made it clear that his mother is a star that will shine forever, as you can read in his stories shared in Instagram

Sebastian 1

"The perfect woman." Perhaps they are not the stars but rather openings in the sky where the love of our deceased pours and shines on us to let us know that they are happy. "We love you," the actor said. message in your official account.

sebastian 2

Christian Bach disease

It was in 2017 that the actor Humberto Zurita stated that his wife Christian Bach He was in good health, but he suffered from an illness in one of his vertebrae that caused him discomfort. "She is very well, I do not know where these things came from, she brings a problem with a vertebra that is biting her, she does not want to operate and she prefers to be in therapy to see if she goes ahead," she said in an interview with doctor. Release the Soup program Telemundo.

According to the revelations of her husband, the actress had an offer as a model of a brand, but decided to rest from the show after her last participation in the telenovela broadcast by Telemundo in 2014 under the title & # 39; The Impostor & # 39;

"He is now resting, he has an offer that has nothing to do with soap operas, but with a product, more like a model, if he grabs it's a 360 and would be promoting a product around the world," he confessed. clarify the rumors about a degenerative disease that the actress presumably had.


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