Instagram can eliminate one of the most valuable functions for your users' posts.


The social network Instagram tests a new function that would hide the amount of "liked" a publication receives, so that only the broadcaster can see the number of favorable responses obtained, according to expert Jane Manchun Wong.

This woman, who is dedicated to explore hidden functions In applications and to find Internet security flaws, he discovered this in the Instagram application of a device with Android operating system and explained the details in his Twitter account.

In one of the images he shared, there is a message in which Instagram indicates that he prefers that his users Focus on the content of the publication and not in the amount of & # 39; tanned & # 39; that they receive.

A spokesman for that Facebook company told The Verge that Instagram is not running these tests for now, although it has emphasized that it explores ways to reduce the pressure on your users. He also confirmed that the new role is a internal prototype which is not yet visible to the public.

Ashley Caman, a website reporter, points out that if this Instagram option goes into effect would seriously affect its functionality, because many people focus on getting more "tanned" in their publications.

This week, the British newspaper The Independent has already reported that the Office of the Information Commissioner of the UK has recommended blocking the options like & # 39; for protect the safety of minors because they believe that this and other functions encourage them to stay connected for longer.

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