In Sata Marta begins the grand finale of the First B in Colombia | Colombian Football


The top two teams in the championship season play for the title, knowing in advance that next season they will play in the First Division, so both teams arrive without pressure of any kind and two open matches are expected.

Today, starting at 15.15 in the Sierra Nevada stadium of Santa Marta, the exit commitment will be played, while the return game will be on Monday, November 26, at General Santander in Cúcuta.

The best of the year

The one of today, will be the third part of the year among the eleven motilon & # 39; and the & quot; cyclone & quot ;. The first was on April 8, that day won the Cúcuta as place by 1 to 0, and the second on September 2, the Union secured the locality and won by 2 to 1.

Above, we must add that the finalists are the two best teams of the year.

Cúcuta, adding the regular and quadrangular phases, added 84 points, scored 61 goals and suffered 20, for a balance of more than 41.

Jonathan Agudelo is the leading scorer of the eleven with 16 goals in 28 commitments.

While Union reaches this final with a total of 76 points, with 66 scored and 26 received, for a balance of 40 more.

Ricardo Marquez, scorer of the Samaritan group, has 20 entries in 23 games played.

It is worth remembering that since 2005 the Union Magdalena was in the first B of Colombian football, in which was the second descent; His first step in this category was in 1999.

The Cúcuta Deportivo (which fell for the fourth time in its history in 2015) was in the second division for three years.


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