In Colombia there are about 45.5 million inhabitants: the Danish


The Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) on Tuesday gave the first delivery of the results of the closure of the National Population and Housing Census, which showed that in Colombia there are about 45.5 million inhabitants.

During a press conference, the director of the entity, Juan Daniel Oviedo, said that a total of 42.8 million Colombians responded to the census, "To which we must add 335 thousand who are in special places of accommodation (hospitals, detention centers, battalions, among others) and 1.1 million that are in physical forms."

This gives a result of 44.2 million of people.

"The censuses in Colombia are always below projections and we have a discount of 9%," said the official at a press conference held in Bogota.

In this sense, Oviedo explained that missing 1.3 million people who were absent from occupied residences or who refused to visit the census.

"We are awaiting the final result of the National Population and Housing Census for a number of 45.5 million people", Said Oviedo.

In addition, he drew attention to the low population registers in departments such as Valle and Nariño, so he indicated that an evaluation of these data will be made, since royalties and health resources are allocated by the census numbers.

Regarding the Venezuelan migration says 801,000 people were detected mainly in Bogotá, Atlántico, Santander and Antioquia.

Regarding the level of literacy, the highest rates were found in Cundinamarca, Bogotá, San Andrés, Atlántico, Valle and Amazonas.

7.2% of those interviewed said they had a disability, which is equivalent to approximately three million people.


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