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In bikinis! Daniela Ospina melted her fans while playing beach volleyball

The businesswoman Daniela Ospina once again melted thousands of followers into their social networks after showing off their sexiest side while practicing their favorite sport.

It was through your account. Instagram that Paisa shared a carousel of two images in which he could take the imagination to more than one.

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In the snapshots, the model wore a yellow bikini full of white, which highlighted her slender figure, posing on the beach in the middle of a beach volleyball field.

In the first image, he is close to the mesh, posing in front, crossing his feet and looking to the side, while in the second picture, he poses on his back, showing his buttocks full of sand.

"I love volleyball (I love volleyball)", was the description that added to the publication that in less than a day of having been shared reached about 200 thousand tanned & # 39; and hundreds of comments in which they praise his beauty.

"What a great body", "beautiful", "shakes her with sand", "I think the yellow color of the tea goes very well", "that beauty", "beautiful, simple and bequest and full of nobility" They were some of the praise he received from users.

Although there were some who made negative comments, writing things like: "Already started to get together to win more followers", "and what need they have to be showing the …", "there is no need to show so much".

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