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I have not seen the series, but the film itself

Fue septiembre 2013 cuando followers of BreakiQng Bad came the end of one of the so-called best series of the story according to the Internet Movie Data Base (Imdb).

It was a farewell. Decide on five seasons and unforgettable characters like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, played by Bryan Cranston y Aaron Paulrespectively.

The time passed, the disconcerting calm and the faithfulness of this series was renewed by others as Game of thrones y Stranger thingsNow, six years ago, Breaking Bad regressed in film form. What for a film series?

The 31st of October will crack the belt Downton abbey, based on the famous television production and was announced for 2020 Los Soprano, that will be a precuela (that happened before the original history). For the Argentine journalist Guillermo E. Pintoshe has to see that the series are “clearly a new cultural capital, as a commodity (basic commodity), everyone is proud of it (…). So as at another time it was natural that a best seller I had a cinematic adaptation, which was a logical achievement that made a series for the cinema ”.

Mexican critic Luis Reséndiz Although the angle that should be considered in the solo and artistic is the narrative, also has to see with the business, so that the viewer wants more time and thus to preserve and expand the cautious public. “We saw the belt El camino: a Breaking Bad movie We have had the impulse to see the series again, and imagine what they have not seen before. This is the impulse that you want, you make mistakes, you are bad on the platform ”.

For the Spanish journalist and critic of Sensacine, Alejandro G. Calvo, is the pan of every day of the North American industry, “what interests me, but all nostalgic work, and its products of good quality no. What matters most to me, even though it concerns the original, is that it offers me something that excites me for the reason that it is. ”

Then you see the chemistry teacher series with economic problems (Breaking Bad) You can skip the film, and so, without prejudice, so that you draw its conclusion. Better yet, as critics say, it thrills you, and you don't like it, there will be others. The formula will follow repeating and these are some examples.


La serie
Fueron 5 seasons and 62 episodes with a cautionary tale: A chemistry teacher with economic problems who are diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer and who can cook and sell methamphetamines to support their treatment. Winner of 2 Oro Globe and 16 Emmy Awards. Its protagonists, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, were the bad winners.

The film
See you on Netflix. The Camino: A Breaking Bad film was the one that told this story that takes up the story that Pinkman (Aaron Paul) escapes, with Walter White's help (Bryan Cranston), the caution that he had ever had neonazi group at the end of the series in 2013. It was written and directed by the creator of the original series and brings to others known people.


La serie
Throughout its 6 seasons and 52 chapters issued between 2010 and 2015 this British series gets 3 Golden Globe Awards and 15 Emmy Awards. Cross the English county of Yorkshire and tell the life of the Crawley family and the helpers who will work towards them towards the end of the twentieth century. An aristocratic house whose big screen is the good people who pose.

The film
The film, which premieres in Colombia on October 31 in the country theaters, is the continuation of the series that gave it to the whole family and raised in good terms and a “happy ending”. In the large pantheon you will focus on how everyone is preparing to receive the Royal family. He grabbed himself into the same space, with the same clothing, the same, aesthetically speaking, as the series.


La serie
Fueron six seasons and 86 episodes aired between 1999 and 2007. Created by David Chase this show follows the life of a New Jersey mobster named Tony Soprano, played by actor James Gandolfini (who died in 2013) and his difficulties at home and the criminal organization you run. In his story goo 5 Golden Globe and 21 Emmy Awards.

The film
It is known that the closing date will be September 2020. The title according to Imdb (Internet Movie Database) is The Many Saints of Newark, media such as Esquire aseguran which will be Newark to drought. Alan Taylor, who directed several chapters, will be in front of the film. Chase is also involved. The story will unfold over a period of time prior to what was seen on television.


La serie
She was one of the 70's and 80's fashion series. Three women who will have their carriages as police officers to work with a detective agency led by Charlie (Charles Townsen) and their solo voice. It was starring Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. I have 5 seasons and 119 chapters last issued in 1981.

The film
His first film adaptation took place in 2000 and was the protagonist of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu who are still following the detectives that resurrect a specific case. In 2003 he returned to Charlie's Angels: There is no end to this year, so again, there will be more and more new features: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

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