"I compose myself," the new Blow to Blow


The song was written by Juan Fernando Restrepo (& # 39; Little Juan & # 39;) and produced by Guajiro & Saddy and with guitar by Andy Vásquez, the band's official guitarist.

"This song is 100% partying that has not happened to be sad, discouraged or even groomed and think … I with another drink" I compose ". That's what it's all about, that people like and dance with sadness, "says & # 39; Little John & # 39;

The video was made in Llano Grande in Barba Roja Barba, by the audiovisual company "La central de ideas" and directed by Alex Gomez. This audiovisual piece is an ode to the video that became viral in which Blow a Blow appears with J Balvin singing in a barber shop with other friends also artists.


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