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Huawei launches Mate 20 with 3 cameras and superior intelligence

Among its qualities, stand out the design, performance, photography and battery life. It is considered the smartest and most powerful cell phone ever manufactured.

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| | November 18, 2018 | Ed. Imp.

The official presentation of the series 20 in Santa Cruz. PHOTO COURTESY IGNACIO PORCEL.

Huawei has launched the Mate 20 series of phones with superior intelligence in the Santa Cruz department.

The equipment has three cameras, allows the wireless charging and has unlocking facial and fingers, among other features.

According to Huawei Bolivia's marketing director, Luis Daniel Ybarnegaray, "he is the most intelligent and powerful companion to date."

This series of mobile devices includes Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 Lite devices.

He highlighted the qualities of design, performance, photography and experience.

The phones in this series will be available in Bolivia in December.

CHARACTERISTICS Ybarnegaray said that in the "virtuous" cycle of the product stand out the life (duration) of the battery, speed of loading, macrophotography, photography in low light, speed of execution and speed wi fi, among others.

The camera was inspired by Porsche vehicles that have four halogens that are emulated in all three cameras and in the Mate 20 Pro flash. One of the lenses is 40 megapixels. It also has optical and wide-angle zoom. You can print quality photos in addition to 24-pixel selfies.

Among its qualities are resolution, sharpness, night tones and more.

"It's like having a professional camera in hand," he said.

It also has the function of object scanner.

Teams no longer have buttons. They are of an easy to hold design in the hand. They have curvatures that allow comfort.

"Asymmetry gives elegance to the device," he said.

He added that the device allows a low power consumption, thanks to an integrated system that prevents the heating. It is designed for fingerprint unlocking or facial recognition, as well as traditional passwords and patterns, which increases security. Includes a "secure file" and application lock.

The phone also has audio on the top and bottom in place of the adapter.

On the other hand, it allows submersibility in fresh water up to 30 minutes, to a depth of one meter and is also airtight for dust. The battery can have a life of up to two days.

"They are the most powerful batteries on the market. It goes from 15 watts of fast charge to 40. This allows 70 percent charge in 30 minutes and 100 percent charge in an hour," he said.

In addition, the cell phone has wireless charging, which even allows you to "charge" devices even from other brands. With the USB cable, you can charge laptops, tablets and others.

"It's like a portable charger," he added.


The flagship flagship Mate 20 will be available in all Huawei stores


GPS has more precision

The Mate 10 series innovated in the recognition of objects, the Mate 20 evolves indicating, moreover, where the cell phone is.

The Mate 20 includes the Hi Vision function, which detects another language and translates in real time. In addition, as another element, it identifies the amount of calories the food has.

Huawei has also introduced other devices, such as the smart watch that integrates with mobile devices, measures beats, minutes of walking and more. The battery is up to two weeks old. Laptop computers have also been exposed, such as the Mate Book XPro.

In one year, Huawei launched six campaigns in Bolivia. Executives said that by 2019, the Chinese company, which is the world's second largest mobile producer, plans to launch a Smart TV.

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