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How to Scan Colombian Banking – Financial Sector – Economy

The process of transformation and innovation that has been having the Colombian financial sector in the last few years has been so dizzying that today, several banks are about to be ciento by ciento digitales.

It does not mean that they are closing their physical branches to attend solo by virtual channels, no. It is a matter of good exchange, however, that the virtual component acquires greater relevance for both the internal processes of the entities and for the clients and users of them, that every day they are more concerned about the virtuality.

Today, about 30 million Colombians are using the internet, using their cell phone as their main access channel, according to a recent analysis by BBVA Research.

They are, together with the fact that for the first time in history, Colombians have moved more dynamically through electronic channels (2,800 billion pesos) than by physical workshops (2,700 billion), according to data from the Financial Superintendence. the change in the way of banking in the country and a clear signal that what is to come, no doubt, is a revolution without precedents on this front.

Over the past decade, the money that has moved banking shops has only multiplied, even though electronic channels have grown at a rate of 9.5 times.

In order not to go too many, I can now get a little credit without leaving home and in minutes; It is also possible to invest in large assets in the United States, Europe and some Latin American countries, but it is necessary to go through a special process aimed at the arduous legal or commercial procedures.

But if you are looking for the money to develop an idea, just inscribe the project on a digital platform, the fulfillment of some requirements, to obtain the necessary resources, through the so-called crowdfunding, to decide, of people who fulfill them. ideas and are willing to bet the exchange of some future compensation.

The so-called applications (apps) flood the economy, and Colombia is not the exception. By now, of about 1,170 fintech (financial technology) that have emerged in the last few years in Latin America, 13 percent (one 155) of the high-caliber Creole inventions, according to the report 'Fintech Latin America 2018: Growth and Consolidation' , what has been said that the bank lasts not as a competence, but as key allies to get to segments, such as the bad ingrown, which otherwise would be very expensive and time consuming to cover, even, with services such as shipping, turns , paid, financial advice and insurance, among other products.

What are we doing?

Bankers also know that this transformation requires a high effort, both monetary and organizational, because it is a process that needs to be dealt with by the consumer on the ground.

For example, the purpose of closing 2019 as the first digital science bank in the country has led to Davivienda's directives to reverse $ 300 million.

The digital transformation of 75 workshops of the 663 that has required the directives of the Bank of Bogota has an investment of more than 120,000 million pesos, and even planned the other 25 banks operating in the country.

A recent report by Superfinanciera highlights this technological leap. It indicates, for example, that banks that are part of the country's 13 financial conglomerates –el 91.3 percent of the system if they are based on the volume of assets– digitally handle about 1,100 services and 175 products, which means It has been noted that 39 percent of public resources moved over the Internet.

Also, that 25.6 million bank applications (app) have been downloaded and some 800 million operations have been carried out through these mechanisms, only between April and April 2019.

That Colombians have made 292 million website visits to entities in the last year, and 720 million operations per channel have been performed for the first four months of the year.

And if they are about 560,000 QR codes issued this past May, the 491,000 downloaded electronic billboards and 131,000 devices, between pay and stickers, do not doubt that the carrera by a gray bank for digital science is in march on the reverse tiene.

This is well understood by the financial consumer, and because of what he is, now 60 percent of the clients of the system (about 28 million, according to the most recent Financial Inclusion report) prefer to use the digital media before they help him. a physical branch where queues persist.

“If we see a photo of the Colombian digital banking from three years ago, it was very much behind Argentina, the Mexican or the Brazilian; but this is change. Today it is up to any Latin American country, including Europe, the United States or Canada, with the only difference that these have very badly scanned customers, so they have to adapt to new ready-made developments. Here we are not digital, because of culture and mistrust, ”says Marcelino Herrera, vice president of Digital Banking at Scotiabank Colpatria.


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