Honor 20 Pro, its filtered back shows us a new & Huawei P30 Pro & # 39; with four cameras


Honor has prepared releases within its catalog, and these releases are no different from the latest Huawei replicas. The Huawei P30 Lite, P30 and P30 Pro has been adapted to the needs of its design line and also to its pricing policy. We hope, therefore, that the future Honor 20 Lite, 20 and 20 Pro be a little more limited, although everything goes.

The Honor 20 Lite has already been glimpsed in the form of a 20i Honor arrived in China, which looks more like a Honor 10 Lite twin earlier in the year. But there would still be two more models and one of them, Honor 20 Pro, let's see your back thanks to a filtered rendering. And yes, it looks like we'll have four rear cameras again. Three normal and one TOF 3D sensor for distance measurement.

Four cameras with TOF lens and 3D periscope

Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, filtered Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, filtered

If all goes according to plan, this Honor 20 Pro should be a replica with some differences from the Huawei P30 Pro, and its filtered image seems to guide us in that same direction. On the back you can see the four cameras located on the back, three of which should be functional cameras as such, the fourth is a 3D TOF sensor whose only function would be to measure depth. For portraits, for augmented reality and for any other use.

At the top of the trio of the camera, a square lens can be seen. A very characteristic shape that indicates the presence of the periscope camera, which on the Huawei P30 Lite offers Five-step optical zoom without loss, and that in this Honor 20 Pro could maintain its characteristics. Let's see if the sensor of the P20 Pro is also the IMX600 modified by Huawei and Leica, the sensor SuperSpectrum with yellow capture instead of green.

The main sensor could be 40 megapixels, which would leave out the Super Spectrum RYYB

Some previous leaks warn us that this sensor could be 48 megapixels, so let's see if the SuperSpectrum is limited to the Huawei catalog, without running into the honor. In addition to these cameras, it is expected a fingerprint reader built into the screen plus 8GB of RAM to accompany the Kirin 980 that would be part of your interior, exercising like a brain.

The Honor 20 Lite, Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro are scheduled for May 21. More than a month from today, and still the leaks show that everything is accelerating. Let's see if there's anything left to reveal when the official presentation arrives, or you already know everything extensively beforehand.

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