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He killed his son in the middle of a discussion about the volume of TV in Córdoba

Police units in Córdoba captured a man after being accused of slapping a deadly knife at his own son's neck in the middle of a family argument, apparently over the volume of the television set.

In the midst of an apparent act of intolerance, a man killed a knife in the throat of his own son during a heated discussion about the high volume with which the alleged homicide watched videos on television.

The blood was registered inside the family home, on Sunday morning, April 28, in the neighborhood of Peralonso, an urban area in the municipality of Chinú, north of Córdoba.

The assassin was identified in a preliminary way as Edinson Madera Betín, while the mortal victim responded to the name of Jorge Leonardo Madera, who made his living as a shoemaker in the said municipality.

Early versions indicate that Edinson Madera had been talking to some friends for several hours, but then, around 4:00 am, he went to his house in the Peralonso neighborhood, where apparently he tried to continue his celebration by listening to music videos with high volume on television.

They narrate that before the loud music, Edinson's wife asked him to adjust the volume, because at that time she and the other members of the family tried to sleep, which would have triggered the fury of today captured.

Officials presume that Jorge Wood had tried to mediate between the quarrel between the couple, but at that moment his father took a knife used for the work of the shoe store and it was embedded in the neck.

A patrol from the Cordovan Police Corps, which was passing by, was alerted by the neighbors to help the wounded young man and transfer him to San Rafael de Chinú Hospital, where doctors could not do anything to stop the hemorrhage.

The accused assailant was captured and left in the power of the competent authorities to define his judicial situation. So far, the Cordoba Police Department has not ruled on the matter.

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