He is Juan Abuchaibe, fan who made him pay a millionaire fine for Junior | Colombian Football | Eagle League


Dimayor announced that Junior was sanctioned with a "fine of $ 8,281,160 for failing to meet the Aguila League I 2019 final award regulations."

As indicated by the maximum bet of Colombian football, in the last title of the club there were several events that determined this sanction.

"1. Without authorization from Dimayor and organizer Deportivo Pasto, Mr. Juan Abuchaibe entered the field and finished the game, intervening in the broadcast of Win Sports in the interviews of the protagonists of the final, ignoring the constant demands of the organizers to leave the field.

2. Archery coach José María Pazo at the awards ceremony insults a logistics officer to pass the child to the prize, ignoring all protocol previously sent by Dimayor, to the participating clubs in the grand finale.

3. Junior technical staff, safety and tools that were not in game form, went up to the prize without the organizer's permission and ignoring the indications of the Dimayor officials prepared for the prize.

4. A woman who identified herself as the daughter of Julio Avelino Comesaña violated the logistics of the event and goes to the podium of prizes without the authorization of the organization, "he said in a statement.

Later, Junior announced that Juan Abuchaibe is not part of the club's team, although what he saw on the field seemed to have great familiarity with the Barranquilla club players.

Who is this character?

It is better known as "Tajadita" and is part of a recognized family on the north coast of Colombia. In fact, one of her cousins, Valeria Abuchaibe, was queen of carnival in Barranquilla in 2018 and he is known for his passion for football and especially for the national team of Colombia.

Abuchaib traveled to South America, Europe and even Asia for his passion for football and one of the biggest memories he left was the day he asked for a photo of Jose Mourinho at a press conference.

And is that the adventures of? Tajadita & # 39; and its proximity to football have long been. In the Copa América of 2001, when he was just a boy, he appeared in one of the official photos of the National Team of Colombia, who finished the tournament champion.

In different images, Abuchaibe appears with Sebastián Viera and Teófilo Gutiérrez, current references of the Junior of Barranquilla and although he is currently in Brazil accompanying the Colombian National Team in Copa América, from there he said that "In the day that I speak they will discover many things relax. "


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