Good tube concert at Fiesta Totachagua 2018 closing in Madrid – Bogotá


At the Pipe Bueno concert, the municipality is booming with the second edition of the festival.

Good tube

Bueno tube will be responsible for closing the event.


Diego Santacruz / Archive EL TIEMPO


November 4, 2018, 2:58 am.

This Sunday, the Totachagua 2018 festival presents many activities for the whole family, including a Pipe Bueno concert, which reduces the curtain of the second edition of the Cundinamarca Holidays in Madrid.

The first version of Totachagua, which we conducted in 2017, relied on a variety of cultural exhibitions, so the mayor's office in Madrid returned to the five-day meeting this day, Its purpose is to revive the traditions, customs and pride of the people of Madrid in their territories. "

Totachagua began on Wednesday, 31 October, with various dynamics in which the impetus for the unity and the town's tourism scenario was sought. Walkways, guided tours, musical and theatrical performances, including cultural expressions have been made.

This Sunday, on the last day of the festival, will be "FEST-TA – We Live the Land Wealth!", Which include gastronomic fair, traditional games, art performances – Zumba Parranda, Poncho Quevedo and Chelito Velásquez, Marc Anthony on "Yo Me Llamo" of – and the highlight is the singer, Bueno Pipe, one of the largest representatives of Colombian folk music.

The day will be held at 8:00. and is expected to end at 8:00. The closing activities of Totachagua 2018 will be held at Puente de Piedra Plaza Marruecos.

Map of Totachagua

How to get to Puente de Piedra.


Mayor of Madrid


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