Get ready! The arrival of Halo: MCC on PC can start this month


One of the most anticipated moments for PC gamers is the arrival of Halo: The Master Chief Collection via Steam and since it was confirmed that this was a reality, fans have not stopped paying attention to the date when deliveries of the compendium will begin to arrive and it seems that we are a few days of the adventure starting with Halo: Reach.

As you know, the arrival of Halo: The Master Chief Collection a PC is the responsibility of Studio Splash Damage and as the goal is to launch a product of the best quality, the debuts will be staggered and the first title that will see the light will be Halo: Reach. That said, attention was focused on the companies involved in this release and today Brian Jarrard, community director of 343 Industries, linked the networks with a publication in which he revealed that, if everything goes according to plan, this month you will see the arrival of Halo: Reach for PC.

Obviously, being a publication on April Fools Day, fans thought Jarrard was joking, but the 343 Industries representative said it was not about that and that his words are true. That said, it should be remembered that Halo: The Master Chief Collection They will arrive preliminary to a group of users on the PC as a test phase, then reach all players on the platform.

Are you ready to live all the adventures of Halo on the PC?

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