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From Florentine there is Zidane and the plant: ¡Hartos de él!

James Rodríguez returned to Real Madrid with the idea of ​​triumphing. On top of everyone and everyone. It will sew what it will sew. He had to convince Florentino Pérez, first, that he had lost part of his faith that had lasted forever. After the comrades, who see it as an outside entity and as a player who does not form part of the main group. And about every thing to try to librar a school: Zinedine Zidane.

The Frenchman was uncompromising about the subject. No le wanted bajo no conceto. I had wanted to look at her face in Valdebebas once I said that I did not count on her. But James worked the day with the sole intention of fulfilling his sueño: that the Bernabéu will scream with a cloud.

Every change is from August 31 to 12 noon. There was no record and no room for Colombian living. Zidane did a self-criticism exercise and meant his error. It would give you the opportunity. It would not be necessary to remove stones on their own roof. I do it and the Colombian has answered.

James joined the Gareth Bale hand team. Another one of them attached to Zidane. El Galés has something that cannot be doubted. A quality above it normal. If you were a regular, you would be without a doubt among the 5 best players in the world. But the problem with Bale is that it is a way of being away from the field that is inside. It appears when it wants to, in the game in the equipment, and it is injured with a crushing ease.

In fact, he was injured against Croatia and will not play Saturday against Mallorca. It remains to be seen against Galatasaray. But Zidane is very happy with his attitude when he played for the Champions. It filtered the press that wanted to march. When you have enough, you know that you need to rest once and for all when you want to see what you are doing with your selection: Lesion.

Florentine can't stand it anymore because he thinks he's a capital failure on his part. And that stain pursues it. The power and power to be Cristiano Ronaldo's successor has been a tremendous fiasco. In addition, you are the player who charges for the little pack.

Of the relationship between Bale and affection is evidently the best way to decide anything. Their relationship is not the next. Al Bernabéu no gusta el galés y al galés capoco le ha hecho mucha gracia never his stage. There is no comfortable sense and no easy reading there.

Gareth Bale's situation is increasingly complicated in Madrid. Y Manchester United is here…

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