Find it out! This is what sets a billionaire out of a millionaire


Believe it or not, there is a long space separating the millionaires from the billionaires, and the latter have managed to make their fortunes grow outrageously, they can even give to charity 90% of their fortunehow it's made Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and still continue living with all comfort.

Moreover, there is another thing that differentiates these two types of person and is the answer they give to a question, What do you like most, make money or spend it?

According Rafael Badziag, writer of the book "The Billion Dollar Segment: 20 Principles of Wealth and Succession of the Billionaire," in the research found that billionaires like to make money but not spend it.

He also discovered that billionaires spend far less than they earnIn addition, they also save and invest more than they spend.

Another feature of billionaires is frugality. You mean that they fit into a budget where they spend less.

Badziag, who specializes in entrepreneurship psychology and He spent five years interviewing 21 billionaire entrepreneurs. I mean, people who had at least $ 1 billion dollars.

The list of billionaires in 2019 is led by Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, followed by Microsoft owner, bill Gates and thirdly Warren Buffett


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