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Features and price of laptop with Asus panties – Devices – Technology

The ZenBook Pro Duo comes from this country coming to Colombia. The laptop, initially presented in Computex 2019, features an innovative folding touch pad that I want to conquer the developers, designers and creators of content with a powerful processor and possibilities of multitasking.

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus provided this 15.6-inch machine with an ultra high definition 4K OLED screen (3840 x 2160) without milestones. Great for viewing creative layouts that will be printed in large formats or to enjoy a documentary, the notebook's main screen offers an experience of color and intense contrast.

Asus Zenbook Pro

The ScreenPad Plus has a 4K resolution, but the visual effect is matte to prevent eye strain.

The second screen, called ScreenPad Plus, also has 4K resolution (with 3840 x 1100 resolution) and has a 32: 9 ratio that seeks to facilitate multitasking. Since the machine has the pantals in a single body, the Pro Duo expands the visual work space and enables things like copying and taking from side to side, keep the open and visible corrections working in writing, and have several tools for the files.

Asus Asus, the notebook incorporates functions of the ScreenXpert control software that simplifies ventilation management and optimizes multipath applications.

With an intuitive interaction you can have a sliding menu that interacts with applications such as Spotify or Mail Services. The difference of the upper pantalla, The ScreenPad has a matte finish that avoids saturating the view and gives a feeling of privacy.

Asus Zenbook Pro

ScreenPad allows you to have up to 3 programs available in the space of the screen to interact at the same time.

For one thing, you just have to swipe to send the main panties Screen pad. It can drag applications the menus to give the visual space to the bright panty and to the bottom there are three independent divisions, but if you prefer you can opt for the enlarged view of a document.

In the case, for example, of a video editor, it is possible to host the views of a tool and have options for handling the timeline controls or the panes for mixing audio.

To give ScreenPad Asus space on the sacrificed keys, but only the Touch Pad deployed on either side. The touch panel has cursor control, but also a double function as a numeric keypad. In the matter of design, very well the small line of a drop, called Ergolift, which when the laptop is closed is imperceptible, but when it opens, this raises the machine. The detail facilitates to circulate the air, but also brings comfort to the position of the hands. In addition, the laptop includes an additional spare.

What is not so convincing is the weight of the device. Although it is compact, it may result in a portable device. But even if he is short of the size of the shipper.
So, this delivery is more energy efficient than its predecessor and promises a duration of about 2.5 times higher than previous terminals.

To give ScreenPad Asus space on sacrificing keys, but untouched Touch Pad on one side

A powerful brain

One feature that stands out is the processing. With an 8-core Intel Core i9 chip with a 5 GHz frequency, And with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU graphics processor, this machine is ready for heavy work, full views, extensive renders and wide starts for gamers. This power is revitalized with 32 GB of RAM and a solid state disk (SSD) of just 1 TB.

Asímismo, laptop adopts new standard Wi-Fi 6, which provides Internet connection speed and is useful, considering that for the use of this protocol users on the ground must have a compatible router, as well as terminals that support it.

In addition, the machine includes the Asus Pen, the firm's optical pencil, which has 1,024 levels of pressure. With this add-on, the ScreenPad converts into a digital rendering tablet supporting straight and slanted traces to scribble or hand the alzada hand.

Those opting for this power should be willing to pay around 14 million pesos, for the i9 version. Asus also launched a version of the notebook with processor i7, of 16 GB of RAM, that will pay for a cost of about 12 million pesos.


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