Equity 2, Junior 2: … but still undefeated


Playing with his team B & # 39; at the height of Bogota and rebounding twice against opponents, Junior equalized 2-2 against La Equidad last night at the Metropolitan Stadium in Techo on the 14th of Liga Águila I.

An old acquaintance of rojiblanca pastime, Uruguayan Matías Mier, opened the scoring after 2 minutes of play, Michael Rangel, head, won the equality in 32. Carlos Peralta, penalty, made the spot put again in the lead at 63 but Fredy Hinestroza , with a free goal, made the final equality, which allows the rojiblancos to extend their undefeated to 14 dates (it is the only team that has not lost so far in the league and keeps him second in the table with 26 points, less than Millonarios, who plays today against Cúcuta.

The sharks succumbed to their intention to play in the first few minutes. In addition to receiving the initial goal of Mier, they suffered with constant inaccuracies. They failed to make five consecutive passes and quickly lost the ball to rival the siege.

Hansel Zapata, on the right side, passed the heat waves to Gabriel Fuentes and the youthful César Haydar.

Fortunately, Jose Luis Chunga was attentive to each approach and La Equidad did not take advantage of the advantages granted to him.

There seemed to be confusion in roles and functions. However, little by little the rojiblancos were shaking the domain of the host. Rangel warned with a heads up led by Roger Torres. The society of the two Santandereanos struck what seemed to be the equalizer, but the striker burned the option with a shot to the humanity of the goalkeeper.

Rangel's revenge would come later when his strong passing game exploded in a corner kick raised by Hinestroza.

Rangel, who already had two goals in the last three league games, hit his marker and did not forgive him with his header.

The initial period culminated in 1-1, while the second half began with a more balanced set than the first minutes of the game.

Junior squeezed the defensive sows at least took the ball off the start. However, there were not many great emotions in both goals, besides the goals of Peralta and Hinestroza through the ball.

Peralta executed from the 12 steps a penalty for a hand from Cesar Haydar while Hinestroza recalled that his left foot may be accurate and cleared the cobwebs from the upper right corner of the arch saved by Diego Noboa.

Junior did not win and did not regain the lead but he is still undefeated, the only undefeated.

Minute by minute

2 Equity GOL. Good collective play that Matías Mier concludes with a cross and low shot inside the area. The ball passed between Cesar Haydar's legs and nestled firmly at the base of Chunga's left hand.

12 Michael Rangel missed a clear goal opportunity, hand in hand with goalkeeper after Roger Torres's perfect pass.

32 Junior's GOL Fredy Hinestroza takes a corner kick and Michael Rangel, in the small box, anticipates his defender and gets a good header that inflates the net.

35 Gabriel Fuentes relies on a ball that was controlled, Carlos Peralta is revived and almost scored, but Chunga reacted to his attempt and the subsequent shot by Armando Vargas.

47 Good touch of Junior that finishes with a Chilean average of Sebastián Hernández that happened near the left wood of Diego Novoa.

Second time

62 Penalty in favor of Equity so the referee considered the hand of Cesar Haydar in the middle of a bubble in the area.

63 Equity GOL. Carlos Peralta executed the penalty with a strong kick to the center, while Chunga played to the left.

70 Junior Hinestroza's GOL masterfully executes a free kick from one side of the barrier, and accommodates him in the top right corner of the goalkeeper.

81 Enrique Serje missed a clear goal situation that was presented in a corner. He nodded a good ball over the beam.


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