End of the mystery: this is the 100% electric version of the Renault Kwid


The electrification of cars not only covers the largest and most expensive, but also expands smaller and affordable. Under this principle, Renault finally revealed what the electric variant of your range input model, the Kwid.

Called City K-ZE and showed it in the Shanghai Hall, China, will initially be aimed at this market. Although it has not been confirmed by the brand, chances are that it will arrive in Brazil and, if so, it can also do so for the country.

Its production in the Asian giant will be responsible for e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, the joint venture created by Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan, a company with which Renault is allied.

Although all the details are known when they actually begin their sale in China, which is expected by the end of the year, some data like the wheelbase of 2.42 meters, which would ensure a good interior space.

Like Kwid, Renault plays with a Image of the "SUV" style, with a ground clearance of 15 cm, and black plastic fenders, bumpers and at the bottom of the doors.

In relation to his brother for "combustion", completely change the front With thinner optics, larger secondary headlamps located just below and a grid that fits a large diamond.

Among other elements, dual loading system compatible with domestic markets and public infrastructures. Autonomy – not officially confirmed – would be about 250 kilometers.

Inside maintains the approach seen in conventional Kwid, except for instrumental, which adds information specific to electric propulsion. Another difference is the absence of a selector of the gearbox, since there is a wheel.


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