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Ecopetrol and Éxito continue to lead the country's 1,000 largest companies

The oil company was the one with the highest revenues and profits in 2018, with growth of 22.8% and 73.7% compared to 2017. The success fell to the second place in the list

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The Superintendence of Companies (Supersociedades) announced yesterday the list of the largest companies of 2018 Ecopetrol and Grupo Éxito have once again positioned themselves as the leading companies in Colombia, with total sales of US $ 67.82 trillion and US $ 55 trillion, respectively.

Although the Supersocieties presented the information separately, LR provides the 20 largest companies by consolidated revenue.

With these numbers, although the two companies also led the ranking in 2017, the first place that year went to the Grupo Éxito, which had revenues of US $ 56.4 billion, while Ecopetrol was in second place, with US $ 55, 21 billion. However, for this year, Éxito had a drop of 2.5%, while Ecopetrol had an increase of 22.8%.

Regarding the company's performance, Ecopetrol's president, Felipe Bayón, mentioned that 2018 was a remarkable year in operational and financial terms, which made it grow above market expectations.

"Capital discipline and efficiency plan, fundamental pillars of our strategy, are generating new and solid dynamics in all company processes. This is evidenced by the results of the operational and commercial strategies we have undertaken throughout the year," he said. .

It is also important to mention that Ecopetrol was the company with the highest profits in 2018, closing the year with a turnover of US $ 12.5 billion, a figure that showed a considerable growth when registering US $ 6.6 billion in 2017.

Regarding the first five of this year, the companies that accompany Ecopetrol and the Éxito Group are Terpel, with a total revenue of US $ 19.06 billion, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) with US $ 16.3 billion and Avianca with US $ 14.4 billion.

In contrast to Terpel's performance, the company ranked third in 2017, although it recorded a growth of 24.2% in its final figure, since it ended with COP 15.34 billion. The same did not happen with its profits, which fell 31.5%, being one of the biggest declines of the year in the top 20.

Terpel president Sylvia Escovar said that "many of our growth was leveraged by business results from the acquisition of ExxonMobil's operations in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador." The objective of this initiative, as mentioned by the executive, is to "take the Mobil brand to the regions and increase our participation by bringing it closer to the brand we have in the country". This implies the duplication of the participation of the brand of lubricants Terpel ".

After gaining control of ExxonMobil's operations, they generated Terpel US $ 17.6 million Ebitda and 171.3 million gallons at the end of 2018, according to the company's financial results.

In the case of EPM, the company headed by Jorge Londoño de La Cuesta closed 2018 with revenues of US $ 16.3 billion, a figure that registered a growth of 9% compared to 2017, when it had a total of US $ 14.95 billion . In turn, maintained the fourth position with which closed in 2017.

The executive pointed out to LR that the gas, water, transmission and distribution business performed better than in 2017. In turn, he pointed out that they applied "an austerity plan that allowed them to save just over $ 400 billion". helped to support the major outflows that the Ituango Hydroelectric Power Plant caused last year. "

Among the benefits of the remaining leaders in revenue, the executive stressed that "it is our goal, as it is synonymous with greater social investment, construction of infrastructure projects, protection of the environment and generation of employment.In short, more opportunities for Colombians, which translates into a better quality of life, "he added.

Regarding Avianca, the company closes the first five with revenues of $ 14.45 billion, a figure that grew 10.3% compared to 2017, when there was $ 13.1 billion. It should be noted that although the company stands out in revenue, its profits went from US $ 242,089 million to US $ 3,379 million, a drop of 98.6%, which is why the company reinvented itself and among the strategies is to create a regional airline for local operations, with which it seeks to optimize costs.

Rounding out the top 10 companies in the country are the Argos Group with US $ 14.31 billion, the Refinery of Cartagena (Reficar) with US $ 12.9 billion, the Nutresa Group with US $ 9.01 billion, Cementos Argos with US $ 8.4 billion and Comcel. "Right at $ 8.3 trillion.

How are the utilities?

In addition to Ecopetrol, which also leads in this area, the 10 companies that made the most profits in 2018 were Cenit with US $ 3.76 billion, ISA with US $ 2.6 billion, Bavaria with US $ 2.5 billion, EPM with US $ Grupo Energías with US $ 1.78 billion, Grupo Argos with US $ 1.19 billion, Grupo Éxito with US $ 1.17 billion, Comcel-Claro with US $ 1.04 billion and Carbones del Cerrejón with US $ 968,597 million.

How much do you add 1,000?

According to data from Supersociety, total revenue from the combined 1,000 companies totaled $ 679.9 billion. It should be noted that this amount is about half of what the Duke government's National Development Plan costs in the next four years.

In turn, to be included in the list of the 100 largest companies, it is necessary to bill more than US $ 1.2 billion, an amount that grew 20% compared to 2017, when only US $ 1 billion was needed.

In front of the 20 largest companies in the country, sales totaled US $ 295.4 billion and profits were US $ 31.8 billion.

In the list of 100 largest, the service sector has the largest presence. This sector has 225 companies, of which 33 are within the first 100 of the list, it is also seen that the most important is the EPM. The second sector was commerce, which has 270 companies and 31 of them are in the top 100.

Hydrocarbons and utilities are the top sectors in the Top 20

The hydrocarbons sector and the utilities sector were the leading sectors in the 20 largest companies in 2018. The former registered five companies (Ecopetrol, Terpel, Reficar, Cenit and Primax), while the second had four companies that were EPM, ISA, Condensa and Grupo Energía Bogotá. The other sectors were commerce, with Grupo Éxito, Olímpica and Colombiana de Comercio; aviation, with Avianca; Industry with the Argos Group; Food with Nutresa Group; and finally the construction, with Cementos Argos.


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