Monday , April 19 2021

Due to alleged language problems, an airplane crash in Palmyra, Valle | Colombia

As revealed in an audio broadcast via a Facebook page, Lufthansa's plane would have been diverted to Bonilla Aragón as the alternative airport to El Dorado in Bogota, but when the pilot tried to communicate with the tower to ask for a lane , the language gap with the responsible controller generated confusion.

In the audio, communication between the controller, the Avianca crew and the Lufthansa pilot is heard, and the lack of understanding between the pilot of the German airline and the controller is evident.

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This confusion motivates an Avianca pilot to intervene and asks the controller to seek help from another person because apparently he does not understand the English spoken by the Lufthansa pilot.

The Avianca pilot therefore tells him to prioritize the landing of the international plane, since this comes from a more distant destination, but warns the controller that this lack of understanding could cause an accident between the two aircraft.

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The A340 aircraft of the German airline would have been diverted until Saturday's close at Bogota's El Dorado international airport due to weather conditions.

This is a snippet of audio:

LUFTHANSA PILOT: "Lufthansa can not handle Manga" … (Lufthansa can not handle Manga)

AVIANCA TRIP: "Lufhansa does not support the manga, do not you understand?


OK: – Yes, but it is that the Avianca 204 had an airplane at the same time, we are in the & outbound & # 39; now, confirm me …

W: Keep 204, going south and pending to proceed to the BOR of Cali, Lufhtansa's instructions should continue in manga.

OK: – Miss, but understand, he is not understanding what you are saying and we have been very close, please be clearer, because we are very mistaken about this … If you are not understanding the Lord, put another person to Help you, it

W: – Commander, yes it was copied to the aircraft, but unfortunately several aircraft spoke at the same time and could not copy the information to the pilot ….

ANOTHER AVIANCA CREW: Approach Avianca 039, Tuluá 260 …

C: -Avianca, 209, of traffic, wait for manga …

O.T.A: We are keeping … giving priority to Lufhtansa from afar. He is not understanding and is not familiar with the airport and does not know what to do.

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