Wednesday , October 20 2021

Does Dobby exist? Mysterious creature gets caught walking and is compared to the character of Harry Potter


There are an infinite amount of videos on the internet, where the real ones are largely overcome by the "fake", but the recent viralization of a video generated a debate among the netizens, in which appears a mysterious personage who was compared to & Quot; Dobby & # 39;character of Harry Potter.

Images were shared in Facebook by the user Vivian Gomez, where he recounted what he recorded with the security camera installed in his garage.

"I woke up this Sunday morning and saw it on my camera, I'm still trying to figure it out What the hell is this? First I saw a shadow walking in front of my door, so I saw this thing… Has anyone else seen it on their cameras? The other two cameras did not catch anything for some reason, "he wrote.

The clip was sent a week ago and, so far, more than eight million reproductions. In the networks, the netizens compared with the elf.

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